$21 Wine Glass Is Perfect for Valentine’s Day (Since It Holds an Entire Bottle)

If I'm going to finish the entire bottle in one night, I might as well just pour the entire wine bottle into one glass, am I right? Well, that's never been possible until now. Let the men have their 40s, ladies. We can finally buy giant wine glasses.

Wine lovers, it's time to step up our glassware. This giant wine glass holds a full bottle of wine. Yep, a full-sized 750ml bottle of wine. Put on your favorite movie, grab your favorite throw blanket, and pour yourself a whole bottle. (Okay, I guess you can share with your significant other.)

Extra Large Giant Wine Glass

Extra Large Giant Wine Glass
  • Great birthday gift
  • Gag gift for wine lovers
  • Pricing: Under $30
  • Bachelorette party or barware centerpiece

This oversized wine glass is available on Overstock, and reviews are lovely. A customer gave it five stars and said she bought it for a friend, and they laughed until they cried! They put the bottle to the test and said it really does hold one full bottle.

Oversized XL Giant Wine Glass - 750 ml - Holds a full bottle of wine!

Oversized XL Giant Wine Glass - 750 ml - Holds a full bottle of wine!

Opening this package in front of the family is going to be hilarious. It's a great gift idea for wine lovers. Use it as a decor piece for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and more. Your favorite red wine glass and white wine glasses will look so teeny tiny next to this glass.

It makes for a great conversation piece y'all. You can also find a giant wine glass in stock on Amazon. Be sure to handwash the hand-blown glass. I mean, I highly doubt it can fit in a dishwasher anyway.

Grab a giant wine glass for your special ladies who just can't resist an entire bottle of wine at girl's night out. Sometimes one glass of wine just doesn't cut it. So, thank you to the fabulous companies behind the large wine glasses.

giant wine glass

Gone are the days of having to get up from the couch to pour myself another glass of wine. Also, I'm pretty sure this was the kind of wine glass people used to bring in the new year. Heaven knows it was a heck of a year!

Can I bring this wine bottle glass to my next wine tasting? Asking for a friend.

For more stemless wine glasses, decanters, and tumblers, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on June 2, 2020.

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