Get a Good Night's Full Rest with Dirty Lemon Sleep

Getting a good night's rest can be as challenging as running a marathon. Tossing and turning, the entire night is spent counting down the hours until the alarm clock buzzes rather than getting a sold eight hours of good, quality sleep. That's why Dirty Lemon invented Sleep.

Dirty Lemon has played alchemist once again to conjure up the beverage meant to give you a solid night's rest. No longer will you need to rely on unnatural store bought medications that resemble - and taste like - cough syrup.

Dirty Lemon Sleep took the naturalist route in designing their sleep formula that is offered for $65 a case, plus free shipping. What you will receive is six of the 16-ounce bottles that contain Dirty Lemon's magic formula.

Sleep is full of the mental calm and drowsy ingredients you want in a sleeping aid. The propriety sleep blend consists of nature's favorite sleepy time herbs - lemon balm, passionflower, and chamomile - along with pure rose water for a mental calm.

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Most importantly, Sleep has 84mg of magnesium, which is nature's vital mineral in controlling the GABA receptors that cause drowsiness. Without magnesium to increase the calming neurotransmitter GABA, the brain continues to run rampant with awakening thoughts.

If you're concerned with added calories, no need to fret. Sleep contains only 10 calories per 16-ounce bottle. There are no additional sugars either. Sleep is flavored by cold pressed lemon juice, along with it's propriety sleep blend.

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When taking Sleep before bed, drink the full 16 ounce bottle for optimum results. As Sleep is not a medically prescribed sleep aid, consume using your best judgement. It's recommended not to drink sleep before handling heavy machinery or driving a motor vehicle - that's why Dirty Lemon makes Energy.

Don't wait until insomnia strikes, sip on some Dirty Lemon Sleep and get the rest you deserve without resulting to store bought medication.

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