General Mills' Fresh Yoplait Yogurt Jars Are Countryside Quaint and Sustainable

Greek yogurt has been on refrigerated store shelves for years. Icelandic skyr, essentially hipper, thicker Greek yogurt, is gaining popularity, as well. What we haven't seen, though, is French yogurt. No, "French Yogurt" isn't the name of a new indie band. It's actually French dairy, and General Mills is on the brink of starting trends with it. Their fresh Yoplait yogurt design is indeed a new path for the brand as a whole, and the glass jars are the perfect size for reuse.

First, let us set the record straight. This yogurt isn't made in France. The dairy itself is made in the U.S. of A, right in Michigan. The glasses, though, are another story. As every yogurt lover knows, you don't see many glass yogurt jars out there.

Yoplait's new French-style yogurt, dubbed Oui (yes, it's called, well, yes), is sold in French-made glass. The little glass jars are high quality and provide the perfect portions for dairy yogurt or non-dairy varieties. They even make good lunch-packing containers after the fact, best for cottage cheese or storing baby carrot sticks.

That's right, this product will be coming to you in glass. If your sustainability senses are tingling, know that ours are, too. These yogurt jars are even perfect to store your own homemade yogurt in once you start branching out. Yogurt making can be done using a slow cooker, so you already have half of what you need.

Yoplait's Saveur d'Autrefois, sold in France, is the inspiration behind Oui. Each glass container is "home" to the yogurt. Doesn't make sense, does it? Let's phrase it this way: Instead of culturing large, commercial-sized batches, the yogurt maker makes each cup of Oui in its individual glass container. Yes, in its individual glass container. (See what we did there? Oui?)

Oui by Yoplait is non-GMO. They make it with whole milk, pure cane sugar, real fruit, and cultures. There aren't any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors in it. It's pure, and (here it is) oui like that.

So how can you reuse these yogurt containers? The little jars make excellent storage containers. The 5 oz. glass jars are perfect as spice jars for your own homemade spice blends, which are often cheaper to make than buy. Additionally, use them as food storage containers for homemade jam, small snacks, and twist-ties. Families with young children will find them useful for storing baby food, homemade or portioned otherwise.

The uses are the house are endless, and if you have a yogurt maker yourself, you can reuse these as replacement jars as they fit most yogurt machines. Struggling to keep the small odds and ends around your nightstand or bathroom counter together? Use these yogurt containers to collect bobby pins, small hair accessories, and even safety pins or thumbtacks.

We've shown photos of some flavors, but here's the full list:

Strawberry, blueberry, black cherry, vanilla, coconut, lemon, peach, and good ol' plain.

For five ounces, they each have five grams of protein and 130 to 170 calories. Get fancy, eat French, and save the planet by opting for glass in favor of plastic. For those looking for lids to make these containers more travel-friendly, we found an Etsy seller who creates 2-packs of reusable lids for $7.99, plus shipping.

The OUI Lids Etsy shop is currently offering a deal for Wide Open Eats readers to earn 25 percent off your order of 2 or more lids. Use offer code WOE25 at check out. Offer code does not apply to shipping, and cannot be used with other promotional codes.

Editor's Note: This post was updated on October 18, 2017 to reflect that there are reusable lids available for the product through Etsy, though the price increased from $5.99 to $7.99 due to demand. Additionally, you can buy a 12-pack and save $8, as opposed to purchasing the 2-pack. See the promotional code for readers.

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