Gelato Roses Are Sure to Melt Your Heart This Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, you are so sweet, so buy me some food.

If you're one of those whose love can be bought through food, then this latest ice cream trend is for you. Just in time for Valentine's Day, some crafty ice cream artisans have discovered that gelato looks beautiful when shaped like a rose. Plus, it makes for a good photo op because wouldn't you rather Instagram a bouquet of ice cream than a bouquet of flowers?

Across the world, specialty gelato shops are serving up the next iteration of food art with lovingly crafted rose sculptures. Icy, bursting with color, and perfectly delicate, these creations are everything a winter rose should be.

If you're Stateside, you can find these creations east and west. Over in Santa Ana, California dip into Cauldron Ice Cream with your love for a unique Valentine's gelato.

On the East Coast, take a brief respite from the hustle and bustle to stop and smell the roses at NYC's Amorino.

Perfectly proportioned and presented for Valentine's Day.

If you're in NYC and you haven't prepped for the 14th of February yet, you clearly need to head over to Amorino immediately.

The best time for ice-cream is...always ??? Bubblegum, matcha or strawberry? ?

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Australia has got game when it come to ice cream sculpting. Even the colors pair beautifully together.

We can only imagine how delectable they taste.

Once again, Australia's roses are looking flawless.

Who knew pairing chocolate and vanilla could look so good?

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London is playing the game too. Except just across the pond you can get three flavors apparently.

British ice cream is just like their buses: the more decks the better.

My Rose ? i c e c r e a m #cauldronicecream #pufflecone #roseflavored #iloveroses

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A petite rose nestled in a puffy ice cream cone.

Please tell me where I can indulge in one of these creations.

So should you be unable to choose which ice cream flavor you want to sample, why not try them all?

At least you'll look creative and not indecisive when it's in rose form.

Ice cream dates w/ @missremiashten ??

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The West Coast steps it up a notch not only with their puffy cones but their addition of toppings. Well done Cauldron Ice Cream.

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