Move Aside Frosé, Freezling Will Be Everywhere This Spring and Summer

Those who keep a steady buzz with the latest trends in libations will undoubtedly have enjoyed a frosé -- a frozen rosé slushie -- but that's so 2016. Outta the way, frosé -- freezling is here. If you hadn't guessed, freezling is frozen Riesling, a semi-sweet white wine often enjoyed chilled in the summer months. 

Chilled, but not frozen, until now.

According to Urban List, freezling is already taking Australia by storm, popping up at trendy cocktail bars around Sydney, so it's only matter time before it makes the jump stateside.

The Annata Sydney even has a new slate of cocktails, The Freezling Project, with tastes like dragonfruit and elderflower, Nashi pear and ginger, rockmelon and white vermouth and more.

Given that some of us around the U.S. are enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, your next cocktail hour might be the perfect time to start.

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