From Cloud Eggs to Cloud Bread: Everything to Know About the Latest Cloud Craze

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an egg lover: an abuser of #putaneggonit and an eggs-for-dinner kind of gal. Give 'em to me scrambled, frambled, sunnyside, over medium, baked, or hard boiled - I'm not picky! I love whipped egg whites and runny yolks, so these cloud eggs that took over my Instagram feed definitely intrigued me.

Everyone is talking about cloud food, and for good reason. A year ago, cloud bread took over Pinterest, and this year, cloud eggs are taking over Instagram. I was curious to know if this was more latte-in-an-avocado than avocado toast - a.k.a., more Insta-worthy than foodie-worthy - so I dug in to find out what cloud food is, and why we should care.

What the Heck are Cloud Eggs?

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Cloud food is the latest viral food trend. While this food fad may be blowing up your social media feeds, it's actually not a new concept. This recipe from 2014 describes how to make cloud eggs, and this French one for Eggs in Snow is from 1651!

The method goes like this: separate out the egg white from the egg yolk, being careful not to break the yolk in the process. In a large bowl, furiously whisk the whites until you think your arm is going to fall off - in culinary school, we called this chef-ercise. Or, if you've already exercised for the day, whip them with a hand mixer at high speed.

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Once the whites are at the "stiff peaks" stage, you can gently fold in any toppings you choose (like parmesan cheese, bacon, herbs, etc). Carefully scoop the egg white mixture onto a parchment paper lined baking sheet and make an indentation in the center for the egg yolk.

Bake it for 2 minutes, add the yolk, and bake for 3 more minutes. Voila: fluffy eggs with runny yolks.

Why Should I Make Cloud Eggs?

Well, they're kind of beautiful. The whites puff up around the vibrantly yellow yolk and they look like sunshine beaming through the clouds. They inspire you to take a photograph, let loose, and Instagram away.

In addition to their natural beauty, they have a soft, fluffy texture. They taste a little bit like marshmallows, in a savory way of course.

Are Cloud Eggs For Me?

If you're not convinced yet that you'll be a cloud egg lover, it's worth noting that they're gluten-free, Paleo, and ketogenic diet friendly.

They don't quite have the steak-like texture of a crispy fried egg, but they're full of protein and make a satisfying meal.

Ready to try more cloud food?

1. Cloud Bread

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Cloud food doesn't stop at eggs: cloud bread was the biggest thing to hit Pinterest in 2016. It's a grain-free, low-carb bread alternative that is made in a similar method. Egg whites are whipped with cream of tarter before the egg yolks, a sweetener, and flavorings are folded in. The result: fluffy, savory meringue puffs that resemble bread.

The cool thing about cloud bread is that it can be frozen and toasted just like normal bread, making it a good option for those looking to cut out excess carbs or gluten. Feel free to treat it like any other bread: flavor away with herbs, spices, seeds, nuts, or cheese.

2. Cloud Pizza

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You don't have to stop at bread with this type of dough. Use it to make cloud focaccia or cloud pizza, loading up the dough with the toppings of your choice.

3. Cloud Cookies

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And let's not stop there: while meringues may be the original cloud food, we can amp it up and add nut pastes like almond paste to give these almond cloud cookies a boost of body and texture.

4. Cloud Cake

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If you're already making cookies, why not make cake? You'll float away on a cloud of happiness when eating this one.

I'm sure it doesn't stop there: I'm sure there is a world of cloud foods that could float their way into becoming the next biggest foodie fad. Do you know what they are? Leave your favorite cloud recipes in the comments.

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