Fried Chicken Beer is a Real Thing You Can Get in Virginia

There's beer brewed with bacon. There's beer brewed with ramen. And now, there's beer brewed with fried chicken. You read that right, fried chicken. The Veil Brewing Co. collaborated with Evil Twin Brewing's Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø to introduce their newest limited-edition brew Fried Fried Chicken Chicken.

The beer, released on July 25th, is an 8 percent double IPA brewed with Simcoe, Citra, and Enigma hops, and real fried chicken. The idea to brew a KFC-flavored beer - they didn't use KFC, but could you imagine - came about after the brewing team gorged on too much fried chicken at local restaurants. I wonder what would have happened if they were eating salad?

So how chicken-y is this double IPA? Well you can definitely taste the vegetable oil, the crunchy chicken breasts, the black pepper, the flour mixture, all of it. Just kidding! It doesn't give off a chicken vibe, sincerely. And as we all know that beer batter makes for delicious fried chicken recipes, this feels like a natural combination to us, especially since we pair draft beer with our comfort food baskets.

Fried chicken was only tossed into the mash tun for two batches. While the beer doesn't taste anything like fried chicken - only .4 percent of the weight is fried chicken - it does taste like one of Veil's hop-forward brews. The brewery that specializes in IPAs and spontaneous fermentation, used fried chicken as more of a fun concept than anything. Fried Fried Chicken Chicken is a hazy, citrusy double-dry hopped Old Country IPA.

The beer is available for a limited time in 16-ounce cans at the Veil Brewing brewery and taproom in Richmond Virginia. A 4-pack will run $18.50 a pop and there's a three pack limit per person, so bring your friends.

Y'all like fried chicken?! @eviltwinbrewing ???? #friedfriedchickenchicken

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If you're interested in trying this beer-food mashup, fly on over to the taproom before the cans get plucked out of the coop. Be sure to make a pit stop and pick up a bucket of fried chicken or some chicken tenders to pair with the beer. The best fried chicken is probably in beer, if we're being honest with ourselves. For now, can we suggest that all fried chicken restaurants in the U.S. carry this IPA?

Fried chicken in beer, what will they think of next? The only reasonable step from here would be a chicken and waffles beer. Some maple syrup, a touch of hot sauce, and crispy fried chicken brewed as a breakfast stout? Somebody get on this.

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