Dress Like a Cow and Get Free Chick-fil-A on July 10

No bull about it - if you're willing to dress up like a cow, or at least wear some bovine-like clothes, you can score some free Chick-fil-A food on July 10. The fast-food chain is celebrating its 14th Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day by giving away free entrees to anyone wearing a cow costume or any kind of cow apparel.

The free food offer is good on Tuesday, July 10 from opening until 7 p.m. at participating locations. We're sure you already know where the closest Chick-fil-A is, but in case you're on a summer road trip with your herd that day, you can steer yourself to another location by looking here.

Dress udderly fantastically and post a picture of it online; you might be featured on the Chick-fil-A website -- last year they collected some of their favorite pics to share in a best-of cattle round up.

1.8 million people moo-ved through the more than 2,200 Chick-fil-A locations in costume last year, chewing the cud with their family and friends while celebrating the iconic Eat Mor Chikin cows.

The chain will post a list of eligible entrees for the grazing give-away at www.CowAppreciationDay.com closer to July 10. Last year, they offered their Original Chicken Sandwich, the seasonal Smokehouse BBQ Bacon Sandwich, and the Egg White Grill. Children who dress up in cow costumes or apparel will receive a free Kid's Meal.

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