Franklin Barbecue Catches Fire, Damages Extensive

As Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast on the night of August 25, the bands of rain spread into the Hill Country. The devastation in places like Rockport is already extensive as the storm pounds on. In the middle of the night in Austin, beloved barbecue joint Franklin Barbecue caught fire. Firefighters rushed to the iconic Austin business and owner Aaron Franklin shortly around 5:30 a.m., per the Austin American-Statesman. The damage, now assessed, is considered extensive and totaling around $350,000.

The fire originated after a "wind-blown ember" ignited combustible surrounding materials; the smokehouse was determined to be the location. Though the pits were not damaged, the smoke box was essentially destroyed. The roof caved, and the walk-in coolers were damaged, as well. Franklin told the Austin American-Statesman that an employee tending to ribs noticed the fire and called 911. Franklin himself arrived at the scene around 5:36 a.m. and realized the fire was much more serious than anticipated. The fire caused "$200,000 worth of structural damage and $150,000 worth of content damage."

See some photos of the fire damage below. Wishing all the best to Aaron and Stacy Franklin, and the entire staff of Franklin Barbecue. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the hurricane in wide and encompassing ways.

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