Fox's 'My Kitchen Rules' Is a Fresh Take on the Celebrity Cooking Show

Last night was the season premiere of My Kitchen Rules, a competitive cooking show where some of our favorite celebrities compete against each other in teams of two to see who can throw the best dinner party. Each celebrity team judges each other on the taste and look of their dishes, assigning points according to how enjoyable the dinner party was.

It's not a completely new concept, but let's be honest, it's fun seeing some of our favorite celebrities in hot water.

These five celebrity teams are ready to show @catcora and @curtisstone what their dishes are made of. #MyKitchenRules

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Two celebrity chef judges, Curtis Stone, who I remember falling in love with when he hosted Take Home Chef (I still secretly dream that one day I will be at the grocery store and he will come up to me and offer to make me a fancy dinner) and Cat Cora, one of my favorite chefs from Iron Chef America, also grade each teams' food with their points being worth more in the total tally.

The two teams that hosted last night were the brother and sister duo, Brandy & Ray J, and *NSYNC heart-throb, Lance Bass, and his mother Diane.

Brandy & Ray J started off the night with a sure-fire appetizer of bacon wrapped shrimp with a maple-brandy sauce and a main course of smothered jerk short ribs.

Ray J is the self-proclaimed Robin to Brandy's Batman in the kitchen, he even at one point added soy sauce to their cabbage side dish, because everything's better with soy sauce.

Unfortunately, they ran into some issues when they tried to cook their bacon-wrapped shrimp in the oven, leaving the shrimp way overcooked by the time the bacon was even browned.

Ray J kept referring to the undercooked bacon-wrapped shrimp as worms squirming around in the pan and I couldn't stop laughing.

Don't fret you two, we have all been there!

We all learned a lesson through them, though--bacon-wrapped shrimp mush be sautéed in a pan to achieve crispy bacon and perfectly plump shrimp.

Their smothered short ribs were a hit scoring them some good points, but not enough to keep them in first place after the mother and son duo of Lance and Diane stunned their guests with stick-to-you-ribs chicken and waffles.

Lance and Diane planned their dinner party as a nod to their Southern roots with an appetizer of shrimp and cheesy grits, and a main course of chicken and waffles.

Their cheesy grits didn't sit too well with Curtis who was not pleased with the seafood and sharp cheddar combination. But, as of right now, their chicken and waffles have them sitting pretty in the number one spot.

The rest of the celebrity duos will battle it out this season with only one team taking away the prize and the bragging rights of being the best dinner party hosts. With a tag line like "come for dinner, stay for drama," I can already tell that this show is going to be one of my new favorites.

2017 resolution? Politely introducing yourself at a dinner party, just like @brandiglanville and @rayj. ? #MyKitchenRules

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Brandi Glanville, former Real Housewives reality star, was already using any excuse to snoop around the hosts' houses, trying to distract competitors from cooking their dishes by asking for water, and using her blunt mouth to say whatever comes to her head--this is sure to be an entertaining season.

A crucial dinner party tip from @brandiglanville and @deansheremet: don't let your guests go without appetizers. #MyKitchenRules

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Her teammate, Dean Sheremet, and her met when they divorced their spouses who were cheating on them with each other. The team claim they're just friends, but even competitor Andrew Dice Clay, best known for his comedic persona, "The Diceman," doesn't buy it.

Andrew, who doesn't claim to be much of a chef, has teamed up with his wife who plans to carry the two to victory.

Naomi Judd and her husband round out the celebrity teams with their down-home country roots and their love of sitting on their porch smoking pot.

This group of characters are sure to keep us not only entertained the whole season through, but laughing hysterically or completely shell-shocked by the drama that will surely ensue.

Be sure to turn your television to Fox next Thursday 9/8c to see if Lance and his mother will continue their reign of fried-chicken-and-waffle-goodness.

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