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Taste Texas Black Gold at This Midland Creamery


The state of Texas wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for famous Black Gold that the Beverly Hillbillies couldn't stop singing about. You know, Petroleum. While you can't eat (or drink?) the Texas Tea, Fountainville Creamery ice cream shop and soda fountain pays homage to the Black Gold with a delicious scoop you can only get in West Texas. Blue Bell Ice Cream eat your heart out, this artisan ice cream shop serves unique flavors just for Texans.

Midland Fountainville Creamery Boasts Texas Ice Cream Flavors

Founded by JP and Beverly Hearn, Fountainville's flavors reflect the heritage and origin of their Oilfield families. In fact, the chef's great grandfather used to work oil rigs while great grandma rode in a covered wagon across Texas to Midland in 1903.

Fountainville's West Texas Flavors

Fountainville Creamery & Soda Fountain creates all of their ice cream in-house. The ice cream shop also adds limited-time favorites like cornbread ice cream, Big Red Soda ice cream, and candied bacon ice cream. Check out some of their most popular flavors:

Black Gold

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The legendary Black Gold.

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?While it may look scary, this honey graham cracker and honey ice cream is subtle and refreshing. The ice cream gets its characteristic color from activated charcoal which also happens to have tummy cleansing properties.


This ice cream tastes like the Girl Scout cookie Caramel Delight with a blend of chocolate syrup, caramel, and toasted coconut.



Named for the roads on the way to the oilfields, this sweet vanilla ice cream has marshmallows and a marshmallow swirl.


?Local pecans, crushed Whoppers candy, and a ribbon of marshmallow make this ice cream look like the rubble on your porch after a sandstorm.

Roasted Peach


Slow roasted peaches are paired with cinnamon and brown sugar to make a delicious grandma-approved ice cream.


Texas-grown lavender and honey combine to make delicious and floral ice cream.

El Chupacabra


Named after the West Texas mythical creature, this ice cream is flavored with goat milk, goat caramel, and goat cheese along with strawberry sauce and cajeta.

Ranch Road

Rocky road by make it Texas! This vanilla ice cream is loaded with marshmallows, chocolate flakes and local roasted pecans.

Fountainville Creamery and Soda Fountain is located at 1307 N Loop 250 W Ste 8A in Midland, TX, and is open for business noon to 9 pm.


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