The Rise of Food Trucks, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to Food Trailer Parks

The modern-day food truck is something that's been on the rise over the last several years. Though many cities claim to be the founders of such a glorious concept, there's no denying the trend and the craze that's followed them throughout the country, and even world.

So how did this trend begin? To start it all off, we'll crack down on the who and what to set the scene. Though the modern-day craze is something that began in the early 2000s, the idea of selling food without a brick and mortar shop is something that's been around for decades, and centuries in other countries.

The Historical Who and What

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As for America, street vendors began selling food from carts on city sidewalks in what we now know to be New York City as early as 1691. This is the year where street vendors began to be regulated by local government, and some would argue that it's the year that started it all.

Throughout the years, decades and even centuries, food vending would remain one of the few tested and true parts of early American life, carrying its way into the hearts of millions.

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The idea of feeding masses of people likely originated throughout the time of World War I, when the US army began to utilize mobile canteens, or field kitchens, to feed the troops.

Since then, companies such as Oscar Mayer would jump on the bandwagon, creating portable serving carts and vehicles around 1936.

The Modern When and Where

As for the food trucks we know and love today, you can thank Kogi BBQ out of Los Angeles for that. In 2008, Kogi's entrepreneurial owners Mark Manguera and Caroline Shin, along with its chef, Roy Choi, opted to take things up a notch in the food industry by going full mobile; the food truck way.

Since 2008, Kogi has been firing up inexpensive Asian-infused tacos to the Southern California area in such a demanding way that in 2010, the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association was created to protect gourmet food truck owners and their products. 

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Since their arrival on the scene, Kogi has inspired chefs not only in the Southern California area, but around the country, to try their hand at this whole mobile dining thing.

Old parking lots or lots that have been otherwise abandoned are beginning to get turned into food truck parks--lots that have been taken over by a variety of food truck vendors for a dining experience unlike that of the conventional dinner out on the town.

Trucks such as Kogi have honed in on their target market through various means. First was word of mouth, then came the rise of use of social media.

These practices that were first utilized by Kogi have now become the central marketing campaigns for both up-and-coming trucks and those that have solidified their place in the food truck world.

The Why

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While the craze lives on in the hearts of millions, some still haven't quite figured out just why food trucks are so popular. Why? Because these bad boys aren't going anywhere. So this is why we love food trucks.

You've probably had countless debates and borderline arguments about where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. In that question lies the beauty of this whole food truck thing. Never again will you be forced to choose one type of food for a group of people with varying and distinct tastes.


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Because of their mobility, food trucks go anywhere, and a lot of the times it happens to be right next to one another in a food truck park. Yeah, that's a thing now -- a beautiful, glorious thing.

If one person wants tacos and another wants a burger, a food truck park will likely have both options and so much more. Want dessert, too? Not a problem, because they're on the food truck bandwagon, too! 

Not only do these food truck parks cater to differing tastes, they also provide all of the convenience of fast food without the unapologetically unhealthy side effects brought to you by many fast food joints in existence.

You simply walk up to the window, order whatever your heart desires, and wait as it's cooked up from nothing into the something of delectable foodie dreams.

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If you hate the waiting game that's brought to you by your favorite brick and mortar dining establishment, food trucks were made for you. Once you order, it's a matter of minutes before your food is ready to go.

The best thing about these food truck parks is that there's almost always seating available for you to enjoy your food right then and there while it's still piping hot.

Convenience and variety is the name of the game, the game that food trucks are winning. And for that, we say thank you to Kogi and all of those who followed in their scrumptious footsteps.

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