Food Lion Sets World Record for Most Lunches Bagged in an Hour

When you hear someone has set a world record, your mind may travel in a few directions. One is sports. He's run a mile in fifteen seconds, shattering the world record! You could think of physical attributes, such as the world's tallest man or the world's biggest shrimp. What you probably won't think of right away, though, are bagged lunches. Guinness World Records don't discriminate, though. If you want to bag more school lunches than anyone else ever has in an hour, they'll allow it. And that's what happened. Food Lion has set the world record for most lunches bagged in an hour.

How many lunches can be bagged in an hour? Food Lion leaders managed to bag 10,320 lunches. That's one lunch per day for one person for over 28 years. (No, we don't think that's exactly what their plan for the lunches was. We just wanted to see if we could do math still.)

From what we could see on social media, they seemed to be packing up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. By "some" we mean over 10,000 of the things. A large display with a time clock hovered over the Food Lion execs as they rushed to assemble and bag the lunches up.

The attempt was performed in honor of Food Lion celebrating 60 years of business. Food Lion's hunger-relief initiative, Food Lion Feeds, started in 2014. It aims to provide 500 million meals to those in need by the time 2020 is over.

At the time this article was written, Food Lion Feeds had served nearly 329 million meals. This world-record breaking performance put them over 10,000 meals closer to that big 500 mark. For more on Food Lion Feeds, click here.

You can check out the Lion's Tale to see what Food Lion is up to. Topics cover things like Food Lion Feeds as well as sustainability initiatives and company updates. Now that they've checked off breaking a Guinness World Records record, you can expect them to continue to raise the bar.

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