7 Wacky Food and Drink Themed Races for the Fit Foodie

Marathons? Too much running. Spartan Race? Too many obstacles. Ironman? Are you insane!? There is only one way to participate in an endurance competition, and that's with food and drink. Skip the crossfit because for this type of competition your training involves guzzling booze and shoving down donuts while running on a treadmill.

Combining your favorite things in life with a wee bit of exercise, these food and drink themed races are the only way to compete for glory. A true testament to fitness - as well as an iron stomach - these races put the good-times back into competition. Scarfing down burritos and replacing beer for water is really the only way to compete.

Is it ludicrous? Possibly. Absurd? Sure. Fun? You bet! Whether you're a natural born athlete, exercise fiend, foodie enthusiast, or booze connoisseur these are the epic food and drink themed races you'll be telling your friends about.

1. Burrito Dash

Up for a real challenge? Then you, my friend, were meant to run the Burrito Dash. Sponsored by Moe's Southwest Grill in Columbia, South Carolina, the Burrito Dash is the true test of an iron stomach. This 5K involves trying to shove an entire burrito in your mouth before you hit the finish line.

Quite possibly the hardest thing to eat while trying to keep stride, there are two outcomes to this event. One is you cross the finish line to victory and bask in burrito glory, and the other, well that outcome doesn't look so pretty. Don't worry though, the burritos passed out mid-race are "race-friendly sized" so odds of you keeping it down are on the up and up.

2. Krispy Kreme Challenge

If you scoff in the face of a food challenge and dare to walk on the wild side when it comes to gluten-filled, sugar high foods that would send the average person into diabetic shock, then this is the challenge for you.

Consisting of 2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, and only one hour to cross the finish line, the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC is the Ironman of the food races. Be strong, be daring, and please, don't eat anything before this race.

3. Corn Dog Classic

In America, we love food on a stick - and Oklahoma knows what's up. Hosting the Corn Dog Classic in Tulsa, this 5K is a fun-filled family event. Before crossing the finish line, runners must consume one mini corndog, a mini caramel apple, and a lemonade.

If you're 21 and up however, you have the option of downing a cold brew with your dog. Now that's food competition at it's finest.

4. Twinkie Run

That's right, we made it on the website stuffing our faces with Twinkie's! #twinkierun #als #5k

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Ah Michigan. Home to the Great Lakes, Founder's Brewing, our good friend Jen, and of course, the Twinkie Run. Dress up as a Twinkie, dress up as a hot dog, or wear your running short shorts - we don't care.

For every Twinkie you consume during the Twinkie Run 5K, you can shave a minute off your final time. So while you may not be the fastest processed sponge cake in the bunch, you may finish in record time.

5. NYC Pizza Run

Guys - and gals - you've got this. You do this every morning. The alarm clock doesn't buzz and you wake up in a panic when you realize you have exactly five minutes before you need to be out the door. Brushing your teeth then downing the leftover coffee sitting in yesterday morning's pot, you reach in the fridge - or the greasy pizza box you forgot you left out on the counter - and grab a slice while running out the door. That's not called sleeping in, that's called training.

In the NYC Pizza Run you have exactly two miles to consume three slices of pizza. That ain't so bad right? I mean, you have been in training. All the pizza worthy entrants will also receive a free after party drink to wash down all the goodness.

6. Beer Mile

No beer bellies here! Get BeerFit with the Brew Mile is the only way to run. Designed for the "digestive athlete", this race is one you don't want to pre-game. Runners face the difficult task of running one mile while consuming a beer at every quarter mile. Sure, a mile isn't hard. And beer drinking is even easier.

The real challenge is the time. Certainly not for the weak of stomach, before you end this race you'll have downed four brews in under an hour. Unless of course you walk the mile, and pit stop to chat with fellow participants. Fellow beer lovers, this is the race you've been training for.

7. Wicked Wine Run

For the afternoon lush who likes a lot - or a little - vino with their workout there's the Wicked Wine Run. Grape lovers can choose from the 1K which features four win tasting pit stops to fuel the fire, or the 5k which features a celebratory glass at the finish line. The only rule is no wine snobs!

Wicked Wine encourages wacky costumes and masquerade masks. Oh, and they recommend bringing a lawn blanket because after the race is over runners will celebrate victory with live music, an array of sobering food trucks, and of course more wine. Nap time is only a 1K, or 5K, away. With various runs throughout the US, check the locations listings for a Wicked Wine Run near you.

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