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How to Make a DIY Flower Centerpiece for Beautiful Home Decor


Winter is coming to an end, and as spring approaches, we dream of sunny days and blooming gardens. This is the perfect time of year to appreciate the flowers of spring and summer, from tulips to carnations to hydrangeas. The perfect way to enjoy flowers is by incorporating them into your home decor. To celebrate the warmer days ahead, try making a DIY flower centerpiece for your home.

Flower centerpieces are great for special occasions and are especially popular for wedding and baby showers, along with holidays like Easter, Mothers Day, and Valentine's Day. A Valentine's Day centerpiece should of course have roses, while a wedding centerpiece should match the colors of the other wedding decor. A floral centerpiece is best enjoyed in a place where it'll be in sight, like on a coffee table in the living room or on the dining table. Here's how to channel your inner florist with a DIY flower centerpiece!

For visual learners, this video shows how to make a lovely flower centerpiece for only $15. Alternatively, you can read on to see the steps involved in making your own DIY floral decor piece.

Gather the Equipment

To make a flower arrangement for your home, you'll need a vessel (usually a vase), flower clippers or strong scissors, greenery, and flowers. The first step is choosing your vessel, since that determines how many flowers you can fit into your centerpiece and what aesthetic you're going for.

A glass vase is as fancy as it gets and will allow the colors in your flower bouquet to pop. You can also go for a ceramic vase, which adds a rustic feel to the table centerpiece. Another consideration is shape. Some prefer a tall vase to contain this flowery table decor, while others choose a wide, low bowl with the greenery artfully spilling out.

Choose Your Greenery and Flowers

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Some feel that flower centerpieces should have a base to contain them. Although this is an extra step, it does add a nice touch and an extra pop of green. To make the base, use long, thin greenery to make a circular base for the flowers. Greens like umbrella ferns, eucalyptus, thin branches and bay leaves are popular choices. Make the greens into a circular shape. You can make the circle consistent and orderly if you prefer, or use greenery of different lengths for a more complex, asymmetrical look.

Once you have your vessel and base, it's time for the most important part- the flowers. The flowers you select depends on your individual preferences. Some people choose artificial flowers, since these will last forever and can be reused. To keep it classy, use silk flowers rather than plastic.

I always prefer fresh flowers when it comes to decoration, even if the bouquet will only last for a week or so. Real flowers bring a lovely natural look to your home that artificial plants can't compete with! However, either option will result in a beautiful flower centerpiece. Choose which flowers you want to be in the lower-middle level, and cut them to the right length.

Arrange Your Flowers

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You'll want to leave the most beautiful flowers for the upper layer, so choose "filler flowers" that will complement the upper layer when filling in the lower part. Pastel colored or white flowers are perfect for this, along with flowers that have a nice texture and take up space. Ranunculus and veronicas are popular options.

Once you've made a middle layer, choose the flowers you want to be the star of the show. If this is a Valentine's Day centerpiece, you'll want romantic ones like roses and carnations. If it's a gift for Mother's Day, choose your mom's favorite blooms and wildflowers, whether that's dahlias, orchids, peonies or baby's breath.

The upper level of your centerpiece is the part that people will see the most, so choose striking blooms in your favorite colors. Start by putting the blossoms close to the vase, right above the middle level. Then, add longer stems until your flower arrangement is the right size and shape.

Enjoy Your Flower Centerpiece

When you're done, take a few steps back and evaluate your bouquet. Does it have the right shape and height? Are the colors balanced, or is there too much of one color on a certain side? Feel free to change it until it looks exactly as you'd envisioned, adding greenery, moving flowers or making some stems shorter. If this inspires you to continue being your own personal florist, experiment with other blooms and vessels to match the occasion! Enjoy your flower centerpiece as a harbinger of spring and a beautiful, natural part of your home decor.

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