Texas' Best Chain to Open in Florida and the Responses Are Fantastic

If there's one thing that just about every Texan has in common, it's a love of Buc-ee's. Whether you fall for the candy wall, the Beaver Nuggets, or the cleanest bathrooms on a stretch of highway you've ever seen, there's something in a Buc-ee's for everyone. So when it was announced that Florida would be the first state to get a Buc-ee's since it was founded in 1982, it was exciting to think what kind of spin the Sunshine State would put on their own beaver establishment. Maybe the Buc-ee's Beanery, perhaps?

There are multiple stores planned. The first will be in Daytona Beach and the second will be in Fort Myers. The Daytona Beach location was reported by the Daytona Beach News-Journal to be over 50,000 square feet in 35 ares with 120 gas pumps. Would you imagine anything else from a real Texan convenience store? The Fort Myers location, as reported by the Florida Times-Union to be a 52,600-square-foot location with 120 gas bumps. When both locations are complete, they will be the largest in the state. Both stores are planned to open around 2019.

So what do Floridians have to say about this beloved Texas brand coming into town? As you would guess, the reactions are mixed. Some know exactly what they're getting, and they're very pleased, to say the least.

Some know exactly what to expect...

Some are asking their Texan friends what to expect...

And some Buc-ee's fans are letting their friends know what's coming their way.

But mostly, Buc-ee's fans are just happy the chain is successful and spreading.

What makes Buc-ee's so wonderful, really, is that it has such a good reputation with its fans. Just thinking about Buc-ee's brings forth road trip memories for generations of Texans, and it's an exciting thing to share a beloved tradition. Almost like sharing a bottle of Coke with peanuts. Or pecans...

Do you know any Floridians who'd love to hear this news?

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