Everything You Need to Know About Texas' Favorite Pastime: Floating the River

Summer in Texas is grounds for one thing and one thing only: floating the river. If you don't know what river we're talking about, you're probably not from here, and that's completely okay! We hold no judgment or resentment towards you, and we welcome you to take a seat and become a little more well-versed in the art of floatin'.

Let's talk about the fact that you have choices, here. There's not one set river to float in the entire state, so fret not! Also, if you're in town on vacation and aren't floating with an experienced professional, you have nothing to be worried about. The task at hand can still be completed, and well, as long as it's rightfully planned out just enough.

It's also important to understand that not every human is suited for the river. Though it may sound like a casual and relaxing time sans stress, some can find it to be a bit daunting. To those who feel this way, we say you can't kick something 'til you try it, and what's a better time to try floating in ice cold water than during the brutally hot season of summer in Texas? We don't know, either. Now that you're ready to plan your trip, there are a few essential bases to cover before you hit the open waters.

Who's Coming With?

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If you haven't thought about this, now's the perfect time to consider who to bring to the river. Do you have a friend that always shows up with a Bluetooth speaker and a 12 pack of beer? Invite them to the river.

Is there someone who almost lives in any body of water during their time off? Invite them. It's all about making the most out of your day with the people who will do the same, whoever that may be to you.

What Are You Bringing?

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To get the obvious item out of the way, of course you'll need a tube. Now, there are places where you can rent tubes, but let's be honest: do you want an air valve poking into you the entire time? Do you want to be forced into holding your drink the entire time? Nope.

Tubes can also be bought for a fairly decent price at the closest sporting goods or convenient store. You know, the ones with headrests and cupholders, also known as a revolutionary and necessary investment.

You'll also need a cooler. Whether you're indulging in an adult beverage or are solely focused on hydration, these floats are multiple hours long, the sun's hot, and you'll need a drink of some sort. Tubing rental places offer cooler tubes so that you don't have to invest in something you'll only use half of the time, and they also generally supply rope to ensure your cooler is locked and loaded throughout the course of your float.

Out of necessity, it's recommended that you wear shoes that can take water like a champ, while also granting you structure and support when waters get shallow and upward mobility is calling.

When Should You Go?

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There's not necessarily a right or wrong answer to this one, but there are cautionary steps to take. If you have the luxury of working irregular hours and the added flexibility which it allows, it's probably in your best interest to hit up a river during the week.

Many places tend to be more poppin' on the weekends, and the river is no exception. There's nothing wrong with going on the weekends, though! The price may be a few bucks higher and the river will be noticeably more crowded, but that's all a part of the experience; so experiencing it, you must!

Where Are You Going?

Here's where you have some options. For starters, it's vital to know that whichever decision you make, you're making a good one. All of the rivers you can float in Texas are gorgeous (and cold!), making for a beautiful day out on the water. The popular choices are to float the Guadalupe River or the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas.

Why? Because they're generally centrally located and both have teal water that would make any outdoor fanatic squeal with joy. The great thing about these two rivers is that both have a plethora of options when it comes to starting points and tube rentals, and they're both a short drive out in the middle of the Hill Country. What more could you ask for?

Why Should You Float?

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Because Texas -- that's why. On a more serious note, you should go because it's an experience unlike any other, it's as hot as the sun out, and your eyes will be in for a treat. Ultimately, you'll be refreshed, get a tan, and have an exceptionally great day. What's there to lose?

If you're visiting Texas but floating just isn't for you, check out our list of must-do and must-see sites in Texas during the summer to rack of some inspiration!

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