The Fizzics Waytap Is Changing the Way You Drink Beer

What would you do if every beer you bought and popped open could taste like it came directly from the source? If you're a beer lover, it will probably revolutionize your post-work drinking game. If you're one who's less-inclined to enjoy an ice-cold brewski after hours, you may show a slight interest after witnessing the delight of the Fizzics Waytap.

The founders of Fizzics, a company dedicated to getting the best of the beer world without having to splurge for the over-the-counter bar prices, spent an entire year researching what exactly it is that makes beer taste noticeably better straight from the tap.

Then came the fun: Creating a patented tool or device that gives the same effect for beers out of the can, bottle or even growler.

Fizzics founded and patented micro-foam technology by way of sound waves and science, which allows the beer's natural carbonation to be converted into compacted bubbles -- Micro-Foam bubbles, to be exact. Oh, you thought bubbles were something unappealing and an unwanted aspect of beer-drinking?

If you're pouring a beer from a can to a glass and have foam at the top, yes, that is not ideal. However, when you're out at the bars and watch your favorite barkeep get a glass of Thirsty Goat straight from the tap, what do you see? A nice, frothy top of dense carbonation that would make any beer-head cry tears of sweet, sweet joy.

So, you have this great product, conceptually if nothing else. But how usable is it, and what do the pros of the beer world have to say about it? Let's find out:

With smoother taste, you're able to access flavors that weren't available to your taste palette when straight from the can, bottle or growler.

Your beer is suddenly fragrant, seemingly more potent, and you're now the master of all tailgates, holiday parties, and get togethers. Congratulations to you, and enjoy the wonder that is Fizzics Waytap.

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