My Stuffing is Dry: 3 Ways To Fix The Thanksgiving Mishap


Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful. Even the most seasoned home cook can makes mistakes when it comes to preparing Thanksgiving recipes. Lumpy mashed potatoes, overly-crispy cornbread, and dried-out turkey are all possibilities. They are all pretty easy fixes; mix it in the mixer, add globs of butter, or drench in gravy. But what do you do when your stuffing comes out drier than the firewood in the fireplace? Here's the best way to fix dry stuffing and avert this particular disaster.

How to Moisten Dry Stuffing

According to Rachael Ray, a simple way to fix your dried-out Thanksgiving stuffing is melting a bit of melted butter and chicken broth in a pot, heating it up, and drizzling it over the dried bread cubes. Let it soak then cover with aluminum foil to keep warm until serving.

The same goes for cornbread stuffing or cornbread dressing which tends to be a bit drier than if you make your bread stuffing with other kinds of bread.


How to Fix Mushy Stuffing

Mushy bread is the death to perfect stuffing. To prevent homemade stuffing from turning into bread porridge, stale the bread a day before you plan on preparing

When making a cornbread stuffing recipe make sure to "stale" your bread beforehand by baking it on a baking sheet at a low temperature. Once the bread is crunchy remove it from the oven and cool to room temperature.

The next day prepare the dressing recipe with all your favorite mix-ins (cranberries, pecans, fresh herbs, you name it!) add the liquids, and transfer into a baking dish. You can even refrigerate the side dish until it's time to bake. Turkey stuffing disaster avoided!

Help, I Can't Fix My Stuffing

If all else fails, grab a box of instant stuffing. Sure, it's not the same as Mama's homemade recipe, but it's still delicious!


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