Fired? This Fast-Food Giant Will Give You a Free Burger

Getting fired always hurts, but Burger King is making that burn sting a little less by offering up a free Whopper to anyone in the U.S. who's ever been fired -- and is willing to admit it publicly.

Burger King, home of the flame-grilled Whopper, is honoring its "commitment to [its] love for all types of fire" with its Whopper Severance package, giving away a free signature sandwich to the first 2,500 fans, though there is, as always, a catch.

Burger King

To register for the giveaway, diners have to head over to their personal LinkedIn page and post this public message: "I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #WhopperSeverance."

Those willing to make the LinkedIn confession will receive a personalized link to receive their Whopper Severance Package in the mail, complete with Burger King gift card.

You can also visit the Whopper Severance website and tell your tale there. Act fast, though -- the promotion only runs through September 1. Since you don't have a job, what better do you have to do?

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