Cinnamon Whiskey Met Its Match with These Fireball Bagels

In case you haven't visited a college campus lately, Fireball -- a syrupy, sweet cinnamon whiskey -- has been a big deal for a few years now, easily overtaking Jägermeister as official sponsor of bad decisions and worse headaches for a new generation. Now, Fireball is making its way from tailgates to bagel shops.

In Freehold, New Jersey, The Bagel Nook is taking the bagel world by storm after owner Alex Berkowitz invented his Fireball bagels. Berkowitz' Fireball bagels begin with simple, classic bagel dough -- a whole mountain of it -- but it doesn't stay simple for long; the mixing bowl also gets three healthy pours of the syrupy-sweet cinnamon liquor before the next step.

After the bagels are hand-rolled, a skilled and arduous process in and of itself, they're proofed, quick-boiled and tossed in cinnamon sugar before they head into a 500-degree oven for baking. Watch it all in action.

Before they make it to your plate, though, there's some more Fireball fun in store. Berkowitz finishes his Fireball donuts by reducing down a sauté pan full of Fireball to a thick, sticky-sweet cinnamon Fireball glaze, in which the donuts take a dunk before they dusted in powdered sugar. Pair with the in-house apple pie cream cheese for a real autumn bite that just won't quit.

Fireball whiskey is far from the only fantastical ingredient used in The Bagel Nook's back-of-house bakery. A quick glance at the menu reveals tried-and-true classics like sesame, onion and poppy seed, sweet indulgences like chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin and French toast, as well as extravagant creations like the Amazing Oreo Overload Bagel.

That's not all, and it certainly won't be the last new menu item. The Bagel Nook also offers creations like the Cookie Monster Back-To-School Bagels -- Cap'n Crunch bagels loaded with Cookie Monster cream cheese made with cookie dough and Oreos mixed into freshly made cream cheese. A similar wild creation is a hot Cheetos bagel, known as the Overloaded Cheetos Flamin' Hot Bagel, available with Ghost Pepper cream cheese or Cool Ranch Cream cheese.

Even better than a dozen spicy cinnamon Fireball whiskey bagels? The Bagel Nook's best bagels are available delivered right to your doorstep with Goldbely. You don't even need to put on pants for a taste of this boozy bagel if you live in the New York area.

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