Start Looking for the Gold Bud Light Can to Win Super Bowl Tickets for Life

Finding something gold and winning a prize is no new game. Anyone who's ever had a chocolate bar has Willy Wonka to thank for that sneaking suspicion that a golden ticket may be hidden beneath the wrapper. However, did you ever think you could possibly win Super Bowl tickets for life?

Super Bowl Sunday isn't too far away, and this year Anheuser-Busch is giving you an extra reason to imbibe. If you want to be the lucky recipient of Super Bowl tickets for life, you'll need to find a gold Bud Light can.

For Superbowl LI (that's fancy-speak for 51), though there are no tickets. Instead, this adults-only edition will have those who are 21 and over searching for golden cans.

All cans are not created equally. You'll find 37,000 gold cans distributed amongst 30 racks as well as 24- and 18-packs of Bud Light cans. Season tickets will be given to six people weekly until January 13, and one person will be the Charlie, if you will, of this game. That person will win Super Bowl tickets for up to 51 years.

We hate to end this on a bad note for our West Coast friends, but if you live in California you're out of luck. Zero out of those 37,000 cans are making there way to the Golden State. Ironic, isn't it?

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