This 24-Karat Gold Coffee Pot Is the Definition of Caffeine Extravagance

If you find that you're reminding yourself to slow down on your latte purchases because you resolved to start brewing your coffee at home this year, good for you! However, it can be hard to resist the temptation. So, to convince you to brew your caffeine at home and make homemade coffee a more opulent experience than anything you could receive at a coffee shop, Royal Paris artisanal coffee maker crafters has you covered.

If you crave craft coffee and like to enjoy your cup of joe in style, then perhaps a 24k gold, handcrafted pot is the answer to all your needs. These custom made urns are individually constructed out of some of the finest materials available. Crystal, gold, obsidian, azurite, malachite, and wood are all used.

You can select you favorite elements and mix and match them to obtain the perfect combination. To be extra fancy, you can even engrave your name and family crest onto the base of the pot -- because naturally the clientele buying these kitchen appliances have family crests.

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However, to get one of these golden buckets to cuvée your coffee, you're going to have to get in line. Yes, there is seriously a waiting list to obtain the most obnoxiously expensive coffee brewing device you've ever heard of. How much is ridiculously expensive?

Glad you asked. Each pot runs between $10,400.00-$18,000.00, depending on the materials. No, you did not misread the zeros. And no, that does not mean that these pots come with a live in barista or beans of any kind.

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The only thing this pot comes with is artistic expression. French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort and his crew of sculptors, metallurgists, and engineers slave tirelessly over each and every coffee pot that they craft.

They can spend up to 50 hours ensuring that each Royal Coffee Maker is the perfect recreation of the syphon coffee brewers used by royalty in the 1800s. This is truly lavish form of caffeine craftsmanship.

Are Your Beans Worthy of This Coffee Pot?

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Speaking of beans, you'd better not brew just any kind of proletarian bean for your coffee. You're going to need to try something legendary, something like kopi luwak, or civet coffee. Only around 500kg of this coffee is produced annually because it does not rely on conventional agricultural harvesting methods, but on an animal's digestion.

Yes, these coffee beans are digested by an adorable jungle cat before they are pooped out and shipped off for production where they can sell for $600 a pound.

However, if you feel that your coffee really needs to be worthy of the solid gold bucket that you're about to brew it in, please feel free to buy the ultimate caffeine.

At Harrod's in London you can purchase 125g of civet coffee packed in British regalia for only £250.00. That's sure to make a statement when it's served. 

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