The Definitive Ranking of Classic Fast Food Frozen Treats

Warning: If it's health food you seek, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you're craving something creamy, chocolatey, swirled with caramel, and topped with Oreo crumbs, scroll on.

We've scoured fast-food joints across America, determined to find the tastiest frozen dessert. After many brain freezes, sugar rushes, and calories later, we bring you all the frozen fast-food desserts, ranked from worst to best:

11. Burger King: Caramel Sundae

ranking frozen fast food desserts
Burger King

You'd think it'd be hard to mess up something as simple as caramel and soft-serve vanilla ice cream, but Burger King's Caramel Sundae manages somehow to disappoint.

We blame the caramel, which is mostly high fructose corn syrup masquerading as caramel. We see through your paltry disguise, corn syrup!

10. McDonald's: M&M's McFlurry


A McFlurry is only as good as its mix-in. Oreos and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups make for heavenly McFlurries. M&M's?

Not so much, mostly because the chocolate freezes and doesn't blend into the ice cream.

9. Arby's: Jamocha Shake


According to Arby's, the Jamocha Shake was the world's very first chocolate and coffee milk shake.

Our main gripe with this frosty fusion is that it uses instant powder rather than brewed coffee, so the shake tastes deceptively like coffee while carrying very little caffeine.

8. Taco Bell: Baja Blast Freeze

Taco Ben via Taco Bell

Ye lactose intolerant readers, rejoice! Taco Bell serves up a frozen dessert free of dairy but full of limey Mountain Dew flavor. It's got the consistency of a slushy and is a handy when you're trying to wash down Fire sauce.

7. Dairy Queen: Vanilla Soft Serve

Dairy Queen

When it comes to frosty dessert, Dairy Queen reigns supreme. The DQ vanilla soft serve makes the list for its comforting simplicity and its soft, just-made-fresh-from-the-ice-cream-machine creaminess.

6. Sonic: Sonic Master Blast


Of all 10 of Sonic's Master Blasts, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is easily the best of the bunch.

The Blast features vanilla ice cream mixed with soft, chewy morsels of cookie dough that remind us fondly of licking the spoon after our moms whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

5. Wendy's: Chocolate Frosty

TGEN Foundation

What sets Wendy's Chocolate Frosty apart from your average shake? In a word: texture. A frosty is not as liquid-y as a milkshake, but not as hard as ice cream. It makes a decadent dipping sauce for french fries.

4. A&W: Root Beer Floats


We'd like to shake the hand of the person who first had the genius idea to combine vanilla ice cream and root beer.

3. McDonald's: Shamrock Shake


Like a timid leprechaun, the Shamrock Shake only emerges during St. Patrick's Day season. We dream of the creamy vanilla shake with its green sprinkles, whipped cream, and cherry all year long.

2. In-N-Out: Neapolitan Shake

According to the official menu, In-N-Out offers only three types of shakes: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

However, insiders know to order off the secret menu, which includes, among other goodies, the Neopolitan Shake. This colorful frozen treat swirls all three shake flavors together in one cup.

1. McDonald's: Oreo McFlurry


Our favorite of all frozen treats, the Oreo McFlurry features the perfect ratio of crumbled Oreo cookies to vanilla ice cream.

When the McFlurry machine is down at our local McDonald's, we've been known to travel to the next one, just to get our hands on one of these Oreolicious concoctions.

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