Fake H-E-B Coupon Offering $150 of Free Food is Circling Facebook


Scammers don't stop for anything and that includes a coronavirus pandemic. According to KSAT, a viewer alerted the media about a fake H-E-B coupon scam making the rounds again on social media. The fake online coupon states that "H-E-B has announced that everyone who shares this link will receive $150 coupon! TODAY ONLY". Reaching out the H-E-B, the KSAT Trust Index Fact Checkers confirmed the post was fake and should not be clicked.

Do Not Click on the Fake H-E-B Coupon on Facebook

"This is a fraudulent offer and it is not affiliated with or endorsed by H-E-B," A spokesperson for Texas-based H-E-B shared. The best way to get rid of these fake coupons is by reporting them to Facebook to get them removed.

This isn't the first time scammers have tried to push fake coupon offers on H-E-B customers. Last year a fake offer for the grocery store claimed that H-E-B was giving out an $80 coupon per family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the chain. Clicking on the coupon took you to a fake website which required you to take a short survey and then post it to Facebook, making the social media post spread like wildfire.

How To Know If Your Coupon is Fake


Dealing with fake coupons can be inconvenient to dangerous. Best case scenario the coupon doesn't work, but in the worst case, clicking on a fake coupon could expose your personal information and leave malware on your computer. Because of this, the best way to deal with fake coupons is to use your gut. If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Coupons rarely give out free money or free food.

Your best bet is sticking to coupons direct from the source. In the case of H-E-B, a quick visit to the Deals page will help you save money during your next grocery trip.

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