Everything You Need to Know About Mercer Dairy's Wine Ice Cream

Move on over Halo Top, ladies and gentlemen, it's once again time to indulge in the real deal dairy product with the introduction of wine ice cream. Now, you are no longer going to have that contentious debate with yourself as to whether or not you should have ice cream or wine. Now you have the guilt-free option to indulge in both.

No, this is not some kind of silly gimmick. The newest addition to your freezer is coming from an old, family friend: Mercer's Dairy out of Upstate New York. This little dairy is an aunt-niece team that brands themselves as  Ice Cream Passionistas. Clearly, with their dedication to wine-flavored ice cream, they may be telling the truth. However, the question still remains as to whether their passion for ice cream can match their love of wine. You'll have to sample one of their creations and make your own decision.

The Wine Ice Cream Flavors

With 10 flavors including peach white zinfandel and chocolate cabernet, regardless of your taste preferences, you're bound to find some flavor that you enjoy from Mercer's Wine Ice Cream collection. You can choose from any of these tasty combinations:

Peach White Zinfandel

Chocolate Cabernet

Lemon Sparkling

Cherry Merlot


Strawberry Sparkling


Red Raspberry Chardonnay



This little family dairy in Boonville, New York would ideally be the place to sample some of these inventive flavors. However, if you aren't going to find yourself in small-town New York anytime soon, you may have to look for this treat elsewhere.

Luckily they distribute all over, from California to Texas to Europe because everyone likes the idea of wine ice cream, they just may not admit it out loud.

So get yourself to the nearest store with some of this ice cream and grab a pint (or two). With the weekend ahead of you, what could be a better project than sampling one of the most inventive ice creams out there?

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