Everything Comes Hello Kitty-Themed, Even Spam

It's no shocker that Hello Kitty lovers want everything Hello Kitty. Personalized checks, wine, and blow dryers, you can have the Hello Kitty version of all the things. And for those living in Hawaii, or lovers of Hawaiian cuisine, you'll be happy to hear you can purchase your own Hello Kitty Spam Musubi kit. Yes, you can turn your oddly canned shaped Spam into a more appetizing version resembling the cutest - not to mention most popular - of the Sanrio characters.

For those unfamiliar, Spam Musubi is a popular Hawaiian food that resemble something along the lines of nigiri. A slice of Spam is placed on top of a small formed piece of rice, for the perfect Spam bite. What the Hello Kitty Spam Musubi Kit does is cut the whole snack into the shape of, you guessed it, Hello Kitty.

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According to The Daily Meal, the $20 kit comes equipped with a "12-ounce tin of less sodium Spam, one Hello Kitty mold, and one Spam Musubi mold." That's all the fixing you need to get started ASAP - minus the rice of course. In order to build your childhood favorite cat, use the cutout and find vegetables around the kitchen to build the facial features. Carrots, nori, whatever you have, you can make a cute and edible face.

Joining the ranks of adorable food, this Hello Kitty cutout of a Japanese/Hawaiian food is part of a long list of Hello Kitty food paraphernalia. Cake pans, grills, kitchen utensils, and even crockpots come in the cutesy pink Hello Kitty pattern.

For all the girls, diehards, and fans of everything Hello Kitty, the Spam Kit is right up your ally.

And if you work in marketing, take some advice from Sanrio. Because nobody has marketed a product as well as Hello Kitty - unless you're George Lucas, because retaining the licensing and merchandising rights to Star Wars was genius.

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