This Online Grocery Store is the Answer to Your Coupon Hunting Needs

Attention all bargain buyers, coupon clippers, and saving addicts, there's a new retailer in town that's about to change the shopping game. You can ditch those store member cards, multi-store price comparisons, and dreaded long checkout lines because Brandless is revolutionizing the shopping game for only a few bucks, literally.

Online retailer Brandless, based out of San Francisco, has set up the one-stop shop where consumers can buy everything from organic food to home goods to beauty products, and it only cost $3. That's right. Every product you buy has a guaranteed $3 price tag. Need organic coconut oil? It's $3. Out of fair trade coffee? Spend $3. No matter the product you won't have to fork out mega bucks.

If you're expecting shipping to be the catch, you'll be happy to know that there is a flat right of $9. What's even better is if you spend $72 or more the shipping is free. Which, let's face it, with all the products you could buy at $3 it's not hard to get a little shopping happy.

So how does Brandless get away with selling quality products at such low prices? It's all in the name. By selling nameless brands they eliminate the extra cost that comes with major brands. Avoiding the hidden premium "Brand Tax" that is associated with brand names allows them to keep cost on a ridiculously consumer friendly level.

It's so consumer friendly, the direct-to-consumer retailer estimates that the average shopper will save up to 40 percent on their grocery bill - with savings up to 370 percent on beauty products.

If you're worried about quality, at Brandless you won't find cheap products that you would at discount grocers. They desire to offer quality products that also meet consumer values.

That's why they offer organic, fair-trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, and more. And for every order you place a meal is donated to Feeding America - a hunger relief organization. All that for only $3 might sound too good to be true. But it's not, it's just Brandless.

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