Everyone Eats Wild Game: 21 Photos of the Process

Let's cut to the chase: Sometimes, it's all about the thrill of, well, the chase. Other times, though, there's more to it. End results are often overlooked in favor of that chase, the process, if you will. When it comes to hunting, we just can't put our finger on what the best part is.

From prep and planning to that chase we were just talking about all the way through to cleaning your kill and serving it with a side of sweet potato fries, there's a stage in the process of hunting that everyone should be able to enjoy enjoy. Even if you're not all about the actual hunt part, you've gotta like wild game recipes. Plain and simple.

Everyone eats wild game, and we've pulled 21 great photos of the process from Instagram.

1. Take the Boys to Boise

You heard it here: Boise is the place to be for duck hunting with your dogs (and your dawgs). Grab the boys, grab your twelve gauge, and make the trip over to Idaho if you want to pile up some good eats.

Oh, and did you catch that Coors Light hashtag? Don't forget that.

2. Start 'Em Young

Start 'em young, start 'em right, serve 'em venison burgers.

Count us in on that one, pops.

3. Two Hands, Two Beavers

First spot had 3 traps set. This is only beginning #trappinglife #trapping #beaver #beavertrapping

A photo posted by Sam Wood (@samwoodoutdoors.comm) on

We've double-fisted some of those #coorslights we just mentioned in our day. What we haven't done, though, is double-fist beavers.

Beaver meatloaf, anyone?

4. Clean in More Ways Than One

Bison meat is just about as (c)lean as it gets. Try finding a cleaner, leaner red meat. It won't be easy.

We're not exactly sure what the Huntaholic Buffalo Hunt was, but we do think this picture of a huntaholic cleaning a buffalo in the field is pretty neat.

5. Yes, That's a Bear's Head

Who's ready for Spring Bear Hunting? One of my favorite hunts of the year!! #bearhunting #heavenat10k〽️

A photo posted by Jeremie (@heavenat10k) on

Sure, that head is a nice trophy. What we really want, though, is a picture of the meat!

6. No Sides of Beef Here, Friends

You'll find sides of beef hanging from a local butcher's ceiling if you look for them. If you have good neighbors, you'll see this type of situation happening around their house even when you're not looking for it.

How long til the jerky's ready, boys?

7. Duck: It's for Dinner

From flight to food in just under a few minutes courtesy of @gatorpitbbqpits.

No need to twist the knife here, folks. We'll oblige.

8. Part of the Process

The hashtags say it all: #hunttoeat #eatwhatyoukill #ieatelk.

9. Hey, What's Inside Those Saddle Bags?

@rachelahtila ?? from moose hunting #moosehunting #elkhunting #caza #chasse #hunting #jagd

A photo posted by best hunting? (@hunting_hunter_best) on

We have a sneaking suspicion those horses aren't lugging around a bunch of peanut and jellies.

We see the rack; where's the meat?!

10. The Chunkier the Boar...

@thebornbowhunter with a chunky boar taken over a mountain dam...

A photo posted by TUSX (@tusxhunter) on

...the chunkier your plate.

11. #HuntingTastesGood

Venison may be one of the most common wild game options, but pictures like this still make us weak at the knees.

We want it, and we want it now.

12. Ladies, Heed the Caption's Advice

"Ladies, a hint of advice: find yourself a man who hunts, because no man has ever fed somebody with the great ability to put together a nice outfit."

We don't quite understand what that means, but we do understand: #duckmeat #eatwhatyoukill #respectthegame #findyouamanwhohunts.

13. The Prettiest Bison Meat Photo Ever?

We've cooked plenty of bison in our day, but we sure as heck haven't seen it look this good before it's cooked.

Back off bacteria, we're one bored afternoon away from trying out bison tartare.

14. Ground Boar is NOT a Bore

Whether it's by bow, bullet, or knife, taking down a boar is something everyone should experience. Not your bag?

Try eating some Stuffed Feral Pig Loaf, or at least something along those lines. That will definitely be your bag.

15. Make More Moose Meatballs

#moosemeat #mooseballs #meatballs #wildmeat #moose #canadaeh

A photo posted by Nicole & Amanda Wilson (@twindians) on

Don't let the idea of wild game stop you from making classic recipes.

Moose meatballs are to the outdoorsman what regular meatballs are to everyone else. Got it?

16. Elk Steak Over Everything

In the world of wild game, there's nothing quite like an elk steak.

We'll eat ours without the bike ride appetizer, though.

17. Squirrel is Wild Game Too, You Know!

squirrel #dinner #squirrelfordinner #wildgame #wildeats #abatementwork #squirrelmeat #treerat

A photo posted by katie innamorato© (@afterlifeanatomy) on

Squirrel still counts as wild game. Don't let them tell you it doesn't.

Here, you can see that this dish, "Tree Rat Three Ways," highlights the versatility of our tree-dwelling friends.

18. Smoked Beaver Appetizer

"Interesting appetizer, but needs a bit more taste." Let us try.

We'll be the judge of that.

19. I Want My Bear-by Back, Bear-by Back, Bear-by Back Ribs

Cider, cheese and #bearribs

A photo posted by Jim Berkeley (@jimberkeley) on

Yes, bear ribs are a thing. No, we won't share with you.

20. Moroccan-Spiced Venison Burger

Moroccan-spiced venison burger? Served with sweet potato fries and beer in a what?! Looks like that headline reads "Berlin Wall Falls."

It should read "Moroccan Spiced Venison Burgers Fall Right Into Our Mouths." We tried.

21. Bison Patties ... Yum


A photo posted by Joshua Thompson (@breaddad) on

That's the wrong kind of bison patty!

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