Europe's First All-Avocado Restaurant Opens in Amsterdam in February

Amsterdam is about to get famous again for something green, but this time it's an avocado. If you love avocados, then you need to book your trip immediately. This restaurant doesn't just serve avocados, its entire menu is dedicated to them.

The Avocado Show is set to open soon in De Pijp, a hip neighborhood in the heart of Amsterdam. Essentially this means that this restaurant will be welcomed with open arms, and this almost guaranteed support has inspired the restaurant's owners to create a host of options centering around this super-fruit. 

There will be deliciously messy burgers with avocado buns. There will be avocado pizza. But they will also serve classics like avocado toast and fried avocado.

Not to mention, this restaurant will be serving up these creamy green creations breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast goals ? What's your favorite breakfast? We can't wait to open! ? #theavocadoshow #avocado #healthy #foodblogger

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Sadly, there is not yet an exact menu available. However, they are already posting #foodporn-esque shots of their creations on their Instagram and Facebook page.

For true avocado lovers, the dying down obsession with avocados in the US is a disappointment. However, Europe is just getting started and Amsterdam is planting the seeds. So make sure you keep up to date with Europe's latest avocado offerings starting with The Avocado Show.

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While we wait with bated breath for the release of their menu, don't forget to create some avo-inspired creations in your own kitchen.

You may even come to realize that the avocado craze actually has some longevity.

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