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Meet Erin Napier's Daughter Mae 


Erin and Ben Napier are the stars of HGTV's Home Town, in which they restore towns in small town Mississippi. The newlyweds each bring their passions and skills to the TV show, as Erin is a graphic designer and Ben is a woodworker. Although Ben and Erin are typically private about their home life, Erin Napier recently opened up about parenting and her fans are loving it.

Erin & Ben Napier restore southern homes in the town of Laurel, Mississippi, embracing their love of historic homes and local, reclaimed materials. The couple also starred in HGTV show Home Town Takeover, in which they took the hit series Home Town on the road, doing a makeover on the little town of Wetumpka, Alabama.

The HGTV star recently had her second daughter with her husband Ben earlier this year, in May. Her social media presence has been adorable since, showcasing the Napier family's newest baby Mae and three-year-old daughter Helen. Although the couple has chosen to leave their children's faces off social media, we still get glimpses of their charming home life.

In this cute post of her baby girl napping, Erin Napier shares "anyone else have a baby who only likes a nap in a wrap?"


Her followers' responses range from sweet to playful. One responds with "Yup . I think it's so they can hear your heart and they can smell you . It's comforting . Plus you get baby snuggles," while another says "You look beautiful as a new mom though!" One response points out facetiously "Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book...Nap in a Wrap."

In another sleeping-baby pic, Home Town's Erin says "at a little over 2 months old, mae makes cooing / puppy sounds, eats 5 oz. per feeding, sleeps from 9 pm - 7:30 am and has a nap schedule. i can't believe we are almost out of the newborn days."

Many of her followers are awed by this schedule, commenting things like "she's sleeping those hours naturally, without letting her cry at all? That's wonderful." Erin replies to this with "Yes! we learned how to follow her sleepy cues and make a daytime routine from @takingcarababies and nights just came naturally. the naps.. have been trickier."

Although much of the Home Town star's latest posts are about the adorable baby Mae, she also features Mae's big sis Helen on her Instagram.


In this sweet video, Helen and her dad are dancing to Beauty and the Beast, and the father-daughter moment is too cute. Let's hope Erin keeps us updated with more sweet, relatable motherhood pics of her wonderful family!

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