This Smart Mattress is So Cozy, It Even Brews Your Morning Coffee

How often do you wake up at night tossing and turning? If you're like most people, the answer is probably three nights a week, and that's not even if you have little ones running around. Whether the issue is your mattress, your pillows, or your sleeping partner, all of those problems disappear when you bring a Smart Mattress into your bedroom.

The thought of a Smart Mattress might be intimidating, but in reality, it's the easiest decision you'll ever make. A good rule of thumb when it comes to mattresses is to replace yours every seven years, while most of us don't abide by that at all. If you spend half of your life asleep, you're spending it in bed. Why shouldn't that bed be the most comfortable one ever?

So let's talk about the Eight Smart Mattress set-up. The mattress arrives conveniently packaged in a box, ready to be unfurled. From there, simply place the Sleep Tracker cover over your mattress. What does the Sleep Tracker do?

Well, it connects to an app on your smartphone that monitors your entire sleep and gives you the Eight Sleep Report each morning. The report compiles your data, everything from tossing and turning to your breathing rate, and categorizes it in a format that's easy to understand. It monitors your sleep stages and helps you gage what nighttime routine produces your best night of rest.

The app also offers White Noise and the capability to set a Smart Alarm so you wake at the end of sleep cycle, rather than groggily in the middle, and connects to other electronics in your home that use IFTTT. What's an example? Well, how does freshly brewed coffee right when you wake up sound? That's the kind of smart integration that Eight offers.

For the chilly sleepers, the app also connects to the Sleep Tracker for a bed warming feature. You can choose to turn up the heat on just one side of the bed, or both, but this way, you and your sleeping buddy can have the best of both worlds.

Not ready to give up your mattress? You can purchase the Sleep Tracker on its own as it fits over any size mattress easily. In the words of Eight, all you have to do is lie down.

Eight offers free shipping and returns, and if you don't completely love it after 100 nights, you'll receive a full refund with no questions asked. You might not need it, though, once you lie down on the most comfortable mattress you've ever owned.

Right now, you can save $135 off your Smart Mattress set with MATTRESS135 and if you just purchase the Sleep Tracker, you can save $35 with the code TRACKSLEEP35.

If only every night of sleep could be as peaceful and easy as Sunday morning. Oh wait, it absolutely can be!

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