Have Your Geodes and Eat Them, Too, with This Beautiful New Trend

Welcome to the next big thing in the baking world: Geodes. Of course, geodes existed long before someone craftily decided to place them on top of or as the center to numerous baked goods. We've all browsed our Facebook pages and stumbled upon that one video of the giant chocolate geode shell being cracked open. We watched in utter amazement to find out that this crystal structure was not only the coolest thing we've seen in a minute, but it's also . . . edible. What? An edible crystal? Sign us up!

From the point of no return we, as a society, collectively became fascinated with the idea of making edible sugar crystals that look like the geodes from the natural world. From placing these sugary delicacies on top of a fresh sugar cookie to making them the focal point of a wedding cake; there's been much to explore in the land of sugar geodes since their baking ability was discovered.

However you choose to enjoy your geode is up to you. Whether you have it in a pastry or as an addition to the cocktail of your dreams, there's no getting around the simple decadence of a sugar geode in your everyday life.

What are you waiting for? Here are five different ways to discover and enjoy geodes, picked with you and your sweet tooth in mind.

1. Geode Cookies

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The great thing about cookies is that not one is the same as the other, and you can pick and choose your color scheme to match the geodes you've made!

Spruce things up with a heart-shaped cookie designed with custom made geodes for that extra sparkle.

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Get a little gold in your life with a sugary lining of geodes on your next fresh batch of cookies. They give a crunch so good, you'll have to go back for seconds.

There's no better combination than a chocolate-based cookie and icing. That is, except a cookie with geodes outlining it.

Get crafty and go to the center of an actual geode. Well, maybe not an actual one, but a sugar-infused geode is a geode, nonetheless.

2. Geode Cakes

Make a wedding cake that will put all the rest to shame and add some colorful geodes on the side. This turquoise adds a pop to the cake and also looks like a crystal river cutting through the cake.

What's cooler than that? Not a lot, that's what.

Our Rose Gold Beaut for last weekend's marble , rosegold & butterfly wedding theme ✨

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Give your cake a three-dimensional flare by adding geodes to the side of it.

Even better, add geodes in custom-made shapes like butterflies for an extra flare.

It's all about the egg on top!

With this cake, the decoration isn't the only stand-out element that'll catch eyes.

Love our Geode + marble combo ?

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Marble is everywhere as of late, and if you want your cake to stand out among the rest, why not add a geode feature to the side in a contrasting color?

When one geode feature isn't enough, who says you can't have two!

Even if one is strictly for decoration, there's no shame in your game.

Give your guests and a blast of color with an exploding geode cake.

By exploding we, of course, mean in the looks category.

3. Geode Cake Pops


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When a whole cake seems to daunting, there's always cake pops that are right up your baking alley.

With colors galore, your options for utter amazement in the form of cake pops are endless.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with making the geode aspect of your cake pop the feature, either.

When you want sugar crystals, you gotta have sugar crystals.

Master the world of unicorn-ing and geode-ing all at once with unicorn-inspired cake pops.

You'll hit two birds with one stone, and love tasting every second of it. Plus, the Instagram picture you'll get is to die for.

4. Geode Cupcakes


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You know what they say: go big or go home. With cupcakes like these, there will be little room for disappointment in the way of sheer amazement.


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Add an extra dose of shimmer into your geode masterpiece with gold cut-out cupcake holders.

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No matter the occasion, geodes belong center stage. With a tray of options and geodes shining in different ways, everyone will partake in the feast.

Here are all the Geode Candy Cupcakes we made! Inspired by the recipe in the #NerdyNummiesCookbook

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Give your guests a contrast like no other: mix brightly colored geodes with dark chocolate for a color explosion of massive proportions.

5. Geode Macarons

With macarons, you can run free with your placement of geodes.

While many are still gravitating towards the geode-ification of macarons, you can be setting the trend and making bank while doing so.

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