Allen Harim Sends Over 40 Tons of Chickens to Florida, Texas in Hurricane Aftermaths

A chicken company based in the Delmarva region of the country on the East Coast stepped up during the recent hurricane tragedies across the country to reach out to Florida and Texas communities in need. Allen Harim, part of Allen Family Foods, was established in 2011 with the purpose of growing and selling the healthiest chickens possible from company farms and independent growers.

As the Cape Gazette reported, the company sent about 40 tons of chicken to Florida to help with food efforts after Hurricane Irma's destruction. The first truckload carried about 40,000 pound of chicken to a Jacksonville food bank, Feeding North Florida, that services about 160 agencies in eight Florida counties. The second truckload carried 40,000 pounds of chicken to a food bank north of Miami, Feeding South Florida, that is servicing areas without power.

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Part of Feeding America, in the news lately from their Target collaboration, both food banks will distribute the chickens across their vast network of centers, with special emphasis on the Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties.

Prior to Hurricane Irma, Allen Harim also sent 40,000 pounds of chicken to Houston to help with the relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey. The chicken was specifically sent to Operation BBQ Relief's efforts in Houston, and you can read more about those specific efforts here.

It's an incredible feeling to see businesses from all over the country come together to lift up two particular communities in need. Every little bit helps, and the recovery process for each state will take time. The best way to wade through it is to wade through it together.

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