Durango brew train
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

This Beer Train Takes You on a Mountain Adventure of a Lifetime


All aboard! Grab your train ticket and a pint glass, you're riding on the Durango brew train! Running only a few times a year, this beer-filled train takes you around the bends of the Colorado Cascade Canyon complete with live music and all the craft beer you can imagine.

Step aboard the authentic 1920s steam locomotive in Durango, Colorado, a small town near the New Mexico border. You'll be whisked away and enjoy a pleasant ride along the Animas River on your way to the Cascade Canyon in the San Juan National Forest. And all while local brewers walk through the cars and keep your glasses filled with Colorado brews. 

Along the way make sure to take a look out the windows, especially when the train crosses the highline. "The highline is one of the peak moments because it's jaw-dropping," shares Christian Robbins, marketing director for Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. "You could just look out the train, and there's this huge 500-foot cliff down to the river you're looking over."

Once at the Cascade Canyon, riders are let off the train to enjoy a catered lunch complete with live music from local bands and of course, more beer to enjoy. Your lunch spot is in the middle of the woods with only the train tracks, making it a completely unique experience.

Riders can expect to sip on some amazing brews on this beer train. Some local breweries that could pop up on the trip include Steamworks Brewing, Ska Brewing, Animas Brewing Company, and Carvers Brewing. In 2018 the train added Four Peaks Brewing (Tempe, Arizona) and Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, Colorado). Although the 2019 brewery list hasn't been revealed yet, the train promises quality local beer from craft brewers on every train ride. 


Beer lovers can book their train rides on the Durango train website. Tickets sell out fast, so grab them while you can.

This article was originally published on Apr 22, 2019.

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