Dunkin' Donuts to Test Curbside Delivery to DD Perks Members

Are you a Dunkin' Donuts perk member? Great news, you are now being offered curbside delivery. Well, at least in Natick, Massachusetts.

Dunkin' Donuts is currently testing curbside delivery for perks members only. While other donut chains may rely on long drive-thru lines, Dunkin' Donuts is upping their game and offering their DD perks members real VIP service.

So how does curbside delivery work? DD Perk members can simply use the mobile app to select what they want and pay for their order. Then when they're ready, all they need to do is pull up into a designated curbside pick-up and drive off with their sugar and caffeine fix.

In a world where we can get Sprinkles cupcakes out of a vending machine and purchase our Pizza Hut delivery online, it seems that curbside pick-up may become the new trend. In fact, if all goes well, it will. If the Dunkin' Donuts trial run is a success, the new curbside option will spread to chains across the nation.

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This is great news for the business person or busy mom who is short on time during the mad morning dash.

This is bad news, however, for the meter maid. Looks like loose change and endless circling around the block will no longer be an issue.

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