Dunkin' Donuts Releases 2 Summer Doughnuts Just in Time for the Fourth

Do summer and doughnuts go hand-in-hand? It's up for debate. We don't always eat sweets, but when we do we want them to be filthily sweet. We want the eight-scoop-ice-cream-challenge-that-puts-you-in-a-drawing-to-win-a-giant-gorilla-stuffed-animal-sized treat. A New York-sized piece of cheesecake. (The kind you need two hands to carry.) Dunkin' Donuts isn't quite offering that, but we'll still take it.

The doughnut chain is slated to release two summer doughnuts just in time for the Fourth. On July 3, Dunkin' is bringing you the taste of a campfire in a doughnut.

S'mores Donut and IC
Dunkin' Donuts

That's right, the S'mores Donut is just what you think it is. A marshmallow filling and a s'mores flavored topping comprise the foundation of this treat.

We suggest serving it alongside a black iced coffee, kicking your feet up on the dashboard and pretending you're camping somewhere in the Rockies.

Dunkin' Donuts

The second treat is a croissant. We've been hyping up sweets in this article, so we don't want you thinking this is a normal, flaky, buttered side dish. No, the Chocolate Drizzled Strawberry Croissant Donut is much more.

So, it's not really a croissant. It's the croissant doughnut that you may know from Dunkin's lineup and then some. This piece of summertime art is, nearly literally, a chocolate covered strawberry. Chocolate icing and a strawberry filling make this more than just another croissant. Or doughnut. Shoot, it's really not like anything else we've seen before.

We're mostly excited about these limited-time doughnuts, but other things are coming. Firstly, the doughnuts will be available through the end of summer.

Dunkin' Donuts

Second, there's some crazy energy drink-infused beverage coming out too. We'll stop our heart with the sweets, though, and pass on the heart-palpitation-cocktail.

Wake-Up Wraps have special, $2 summer pricing. Oh, we almost forgot: That's two for $2. This deal's available July 3 through August 27. Whether it's doughnuts, breakfast wraps, or (hopefully not) that energy drink nonsense, Dunkin' should have you covered this summer.

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