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You Can Buy Jelly Made with Real Wine. Yes, There's Even a Rosé.


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]top whatever you're doing, and let's take a moment to discuss wine jelly. What is quite possibly the icing on the picnic spread, wine jelly is the product we've been waiting for. Is it wine? Is it jelly? It's a beautiful marriage between the two. Brought to us by makers Drunk Jelly, you can now buy a jar of jelly that has real wine listed as a main ingredient.

A perfect pairing for a charcuterie spread, wine jelly is sweetening up your meal in the best boozy way. But which flavor to choose?

Our version of #sundayfunday ???

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Making for a smashing cheese and jelly pairing, there's a variety of flavors to suit everyone's vino needs. In the reds line, there's a cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and pinot noir. If red isn't your thing and you prefer white wine there's a moscato, pinot grigio, and chardonnay flavored jelly.

I'm sure all those are fine and dandy, but what we're really wondering about is where's the rosé? Don't worry, Drunk Jelly wouldn't leave out everyone's favorite summertime wine of choice.


The ever scrumptious rosé jelly is made from a sweet rosé wine, featuring flavors of cherry, watermelon, and a citrusy touch of lime so you can "have your rosé all day without being totally basic".

Basic you most certainly will not be when you show up at the party with a rosé themed picnic basket stuffed with a rosé forty, wine pouches, popsicles, and of course, the rosé jelly. Don't forget the prosecco pong!

Ryan Gosling is a big fan of Drunk Jelly. He buys Rosé in bulk ????

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If you have any gal pals with a birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, brunch, or weeknight get together coming up, you need to bring along a jar of this jelly. Each jar will cost $6 to $9 a jar, with sizes varying between four and six ounce. Oh, and uh, before I forget these jellies are technically non-alcoholic - sorry guys. That doesn't mean they still don't taste amazing!

Looks like your PB&J will never be the same. Just don't mix it up with the kids' sack lunch. It technically may not be considered alcoholic, but something tells me schools frown on kids with a wine flavored PB&J. Just saying.


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