Drinking Rosé All Summer Long Is No Longer a Fantasy, It's Reality

Our favorite wine-to-door service Winc knows exactly what you want to do all summer long: drink rosé. The newly introduced Summer Water Societé is a membership package that will make sure you always have rosé in the refrigerator for your best summer ever.

Summer Water Rosé is a delicious light and crisp rosé introduced to Winc last summer in partnership with Yes Way Rosé, a lifestyle brand dedicated to living the best rosé life ever. This summer, though, Winc and Yes Way Rosé are upping the ante with the Summer Water Societé membership.


The three-month membership includes a monthly Summer Water delivery of three magnum bottles, which is equivalent to six bottles of wine. That more than covers your weekends per month, and a few weekday surprises!

In May, members will receive one Summer Water Societé cap with their three Summer Water magnums.

In June, members will receive a Summer Water S'Well bottle in addition to their monthly Summer Water magnums.

In July, a Summer Water beach towel will accompany the wine to your door, just in time for the hottest months of the year.

Magnum bottles of Summer Water coming to an Instagram feed near you in Summer '17.???

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The membership includes complimentary shipping, and the total value of the membership is $500. However, the membership is provided through Winc for only $350.

So to be clear, over the course of three months, you'll receive the equivalent to 18 bottles of rosé, a new ball cap for the summer, a S'Well bottle, and a beach towel. I'd call that a steal, y'all. All of the Summer Water items are limited edition releases at that, so you won't find them in the online store.

This is the rosé lover's dream come true, and we're getting a membership today before they sell out! Trust me, they will.

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