Drake's Short Whiskey Ad Makes Us Want More of the Realest Dude Ever

Do you remember the man whose mother has a tattoo that reads son? It's the same guy who would show his feminine side if he had one. They say his personality is so magnetic that he's unable to carry credit cards. He won't say anything tastes like chicken, even if it actually is chicken. That's right. He's The Most Interesting Man in the World. He was featured on Dos Equis commercials for years.

He has an opponent now, though, in The Realest Dude Ever. Drake's short whiskey ad makes us want more of The Realest Dude Ever.

Here's a refresher.

You know how the Dos Equis commercials go. Fun facts are listed, The Most Interesting Man in the World pops up, and you want to drink beer.

Drake (and his dad!), The Realest Dude(s) Ever, has no time for that.

"You wanna know who's not worried about The Most Interesting Man in the World?" Drake says, "The Realest Dude Ever." The ad is for Virginia Black Whiskey, a recent venture by Brent Hocking.

Hocking's booze-based career started when he was 27. At the time, Hocking was a mortgage loan merchant for Bank of America. He and his well-off friends were at Rio, a casino, being given dozens of bottles of high-end wine.

He grew obsessed with the wines, and how each one differed. With a nose for booze, Hocking found his passion. Since then, he's founded DeLeón tequila, which was sold to Diageo and Diddy. His more recent venture, Virginia Black, ranked number four in 2016, earning $38.5 million. He also found someone you may have heard of to buy-in to the venture. That guy's name is Drake.

The booze itself comes in a gold-capped bottle, differentiating it from the sea of plain glass bottles with black labels and white text that dominates the whiskey world. The name itself, Virginia Black, is meant to be glamorous. Even navigating website feels too fancy for civilians like us.

Being bourbon, Virginia Black comes in two-, three-, and four-year varieties. It's reportedly quite smooth, but we haven't had the chance to try it yet. Whether you trust The Realest Dude Ever or not, we're excited to see where this ad campaign heads. We hope he continues to "top" The Most Interesting Man in the World in whichever way he sees fit. To the Dos Equis guy: If you're reading this, it's too late.

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