Keep Your Favorite Soda Cold in This $29 Dr Pepper Mini Fridge

Dr Pepper is the best soda of all time. I'm sorry, but does your favorite soda have a blend of 23 different flavors? I didn't think so! Dr Pepper is so good that someone decided to use the delicious flavor for cotton candy. Yes, it's that good! I keep my fridge stocked, but more recently, I want to keep a Dr Pepper mini fridge stocked with my favorite soda.

This retro mini fridge is perfect for keeping your Dr Pepper cans cold. Forget actual mini fridges, this is the only mini fridge people need in their college dorms and man caves. Walmart is selling the adorable mini fridge for only $29.

Dr Pepper Portable 6-can Mini Fridge, MIS135DRP, Burgundy

Dr Pepper Portable 6-can Mini Fridge, MIS135DRP, Burgundy

You can fit six cans of Dr Pepper in this Dr Pepper mini fridge. I know, that's only like a day supply for real Dr Pepper lovers, but it's still worth having. Set this tiny fridge in your living room, and you'll never have to walk to the kitchen for an ice-cold can of your favorite soda.

Feel free to also keep snacks in it! It's a great collectible for soft drink lovers. Whether you prefer Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola, or Pepsi, you probably still enjoy Dr Pepper.

dr pepper fridge opened

If you keep the retro fridge in your home office, you won't be bothered by any noise. It has a whisper-quiet, vibration-free motor. If you're from Texas, then you probably think that this personal fridge makes a perfect piece of home decor.

Seriously! This mini fridge is the equivalent of beer lovers having a Budweiser mini keg in their kitchen. We take Dr Pepper that seriously. I mean, why else would we have Dr Pepper Birthday Cake flavor, cream soda, Dr Pepper shakes, Dr Pepper cotton candy, Dr Pepper licorice, and even Dr Pepper dessert topper?

Loyal Dr Pepper fans get it. Get your Dr Pepper fridge at For more Dr Pepper collectibles, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on May 5, 2020.

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