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Dots Candy Just Keeps Sticking Around, Because That's What They Were Made To Do


There are some original candies that are too distinct to be forgotten. Crackling ones, like Pop Rocks, and Nerds for example. Chocolate candy, like Hershey's & Tootsie Rolls. Then there is the chewy stuff: those gummy Airheads that turn soft, and Twizzlers licorice. Or, Dots Gumdrops sticking to every crevice of your mouth. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're the most memorable and original gumdrop brand around.

Dots are one of those candies that I loved in my earliest Halloween years. But by the time I stopped thinking Valentine's Day was a cootie fest and started realizing it was a candy gold mine, I had already moved on from the gummy candy. Yet, sometimes there are things you can't help but think about, and today I guess it's chewy candy.

Best Dots Candy

All the Dots Candy here is peanut-free and gluten-free. For additional allergen disclaimer information, be sure to check the ingredient label on the box!

Dots Candy Assorted Fruit Flavored Gumdrops - 6.5 oz. Movie Theater Box (Pack of 2)

Who doesn't love the unique cone shape of Original Dots? The 6.5 oz boxes are a perfect shape, too: just the right size to slip into a pocket and take on the go.

I always ended up with a good haul of these on Easter since the colors are so lively. Dots assorted fruit flavors were sort of my original jam outside of hard candy. A good gummy mix of strawberry, lemon, and orange was always an appreciated switch from chocolate candy bars. Sure, they're made of corn syrup and artificial colors like FD&C Red-- but I wasn't eating them to be health-conscious!

Tootsie Roll Industries has upped the game since I was a regular snacker, and now they offer Tropical Dots & Sour Dots. I like the initiative, but since I was an original flavors guy, I'm going to hold off for a wild berry variety.

Tropical Dots Assorted Flavor Gumdrops, 6.5 oz


Feel like you're on a beach, but with candy? I prefer to use my teeth to bite on a margarita straw, but these would do in a pinch. Anything that makes me feel closer to the ocean is a welcome addition.

Sour Dots Theater Box (Pack of 12)

It's hard to tell if those Dots are enjoying themselves. Sour types of artificial flavors leave me feeling like my tongue is going to shrivel up, yet I always come back for more. There's a metaphor in there somewhere? Anyways, I just bought a box, so it's time to pucker up.

Give yourself the gift of some Dots Candy. 4.6-star rating on Amazon, 10-star rating in our hearts.

Candy lovers, if you just can't get enough of fruit chew candy, consider our favorite candies that are fruity and bound to get stuck in your sweet tooth. Besides boxes of Dots, you can always count on Starburst, Swedish Fish, candy corn, and Skittles to satisfy your Halloween candy craving.

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This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.

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