Best Wishes for the Bride: The Dominos Wedding Registry Is Here

Only a true soulmate would understand your desire for Domino's pizza. Forget jewels or lavish gifts, Domino's is what you crave and your future lawfully wedded counterpart understands this need like no one else. If so, you and your pie loving better half can now utilize the Domino's wedding gift registry. And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, the news comes in perfect time.

You could choose to register at a store that is liable to meet all your domestic needs - like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond - but let's face it, most people look at that registry list and buy what they think you want.

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Like a panini press. Expressing to your guests that all you desire on your big day is a Domino's pizza gift card may result in avoiding unwrapping a useless panini press, or two. In fact, it may avoid a bounty of useless gift altogether.

The Domino's wedding registry takes the guess work out of giving and let's your friends and family decide among several optional monetary denominations. There's the "$20 Excuse not to Cook" for those lazy stay in nights, as well as a "$25 Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life" because Domino's gets you.

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There's also preemptive $60 gift cards for the bachelor and bachelorette party - because after all those disgustingly named and flavored shots, you're going to need it. And if you find you're a real die-hard pizza lover, you can of course customize your own Domino's gift list.

If there is one thing Domino's gets, it's love. And if you truly love someone getting hitched, say it with a pizza pie. After all, it's all an undomesticated newly wed couple really needs.

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