Dogfish Head Brewed Their Most Extreme Beer Yet, In Your Mace

When your Dogfish Head Brewery, creating off-centered beers with unique ingredients that push beer style guidelines to their boundaries is your specialty. Pushing the boundaries again, Dogfish Head has come up with a crazy concoction that gives new definition to the word beer, and it's all thanks to their new release called In Your Mace.

At first glance of the ingredients, In Your Mace sounds like a beer fit for a cold winter day. The coffee milk stout is brewed with "cinnamon verum chips from the Zanzibar Islands, mace spice, milk sugars, coffee, and chicory." A tasty blend not doubt, but that's not all that goes into this beer - it's not called In Your Mace for nothing. What makes this beer so extreme is that it's brewed with the active ingredient in Mace Brand pepper spray - oleoresin capsicum.

If you're wondering about consuming this active ingredient, don't be alarmed. Oleoresin capsicum is "a food grade version of chili oils" that introduces a considerable amount of heat to the beer.

Sam and friends are at it again with another blazin’ collaboration … IN YOUR MACE! A dark, roasty beer, IN YOUR MACE! is a coffee milk stout brewed with cinnamon verum chips from the Zanzibar Islands, mace spice, milk sugars, coffee, chicory and most importantly … chili oils, the active ingredient in Mace Brand (yep, the pepper spray). We’ve got the full story over on the blog at (link in bio), including how you can get your hands on one of these elusive bottles! 🔥🍺

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Tossing mace into beer certainly is extreme, no doubt, but that was the whole idea. The beer was brewed to be served at Boston's Extreme Beer Fest, where only the craziest beers you could fathom are served. In a statement, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery founder Sam Calagione said of the beer,

"We're always in search of unique, avant-garde, experimental beer ideas that push the boundaries of traditional brewing while still delivering rich aromas, flavor profiles and culinary ingredients that Dogfish beer fans count on and love. IN YOUR MACE! is one of our most fun and personal partnerships to date and I'm super proud of this small-batch team-up with our friends at Mace Brand pepper spray. Any day we get to brew a beer wearing full body suits, face masks and respirators is a memorable day in the brewhouse,"

So what does a mace beer taste like? The 5 percent coffee milk stout is somewhat sweet with a smokiness complimented by spicy notes of nutmeg, anise, and aromas of espresso, along with a warming chili spiced finish. That sounds pretty good.

If you weren't lucky enough to make it to the Boston beer festival, In Your Mace is available on tap at the Dogfish Head Milton, Delaware taproom. Limited-edition bottles will also be available February 17 for $18 a piece. You better get in line though, Dogfish Head is only releasing 200 of the 750-ml bottles.

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