Can Milk Erase Your Red Wine Stains?

Anyone who enjoys a good glass of red wine now and then has been in the unfortunate situation where they pick up a glass unsteadily and suddenly its contents are all over their clothing. Great, another red wine stain. Possibly the most difficult stain to remove after grease and the bane of a red wine drinker's existence.

That is, only if you don't know about the milk trick. Sure there are many ways to remove red wine stains, but wouldn't you like a foolproof one in your back pocket that is sure to work every time? If the answer is a hearty yes, then start by taking the milk out of your fridge.

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Can milk remove a red wine stain you ask? Why yes. Milk is a fascinating solvent because it acts as both an acid and a base due to its content of water, salts, and fat.

While a chemistry class would get into the hows and whys that fatty acid chains are great stain removers, suffice it to say that the result of milk's composition is that it persuades the colored red wine stains to absorb into its fat content instead of the fabric.

Nevertheless, the real key to ensuring that this excellent natural stain remover works like a charm every time is to use whole milk. The higher the fat content, the more easily the stain will bond with the fat molecules and let go of the fabric.

Removing Red Wine Stains: The Milk Method

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Bring enough milk to cover the entire stain nearly to a boil. Just before it begins to actively bubble, remove the pot from the stove and submerge the stain in the hot liquid.

Let your shirt soak for around half an hour and then rinse with cold water.

After that, throw the garment into the wash as you usually would and voila, when it reappears after the wash cycle, everything should be good as new.

The best part about this stain removal method though is that you don't have to address anything immediately. That's right, you can keep on keepin' on and your stain will wait for you to get around to removing it.

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The heat and fat content of the milk should do its thing whenever you get to it. This way, you won't have to immediately leave the party in hopes of rescuing your brand new white shirt or shoes.

And for those who are curious, this trick also works on ink stains. Have you ever tried the milk trick? Let us know how it worked for you!

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