Turn Your Backyard into a Luxury Hideaway with this DIY Swing Bed

Imagine yourself living the luxury life, hanging out by the pool, lounging in a comfy swing bed while the gauzy drapes swirl in the breeze and someone brings you a frozen fruity drink with an umbrella. We can't help you with most of that, but we can show you how to make your own swing bed. It's easy, inexpensive, and best of all uses something you may have taking up space already in your backyard.

The DIY trampoline swing bed trend is showing up all over Pinterest and it's such an easy backyard hack. You could spend hundreds of dollars to buy a ready-made swing bed, but why would you do that if you've got an old trampoline on hand.

If you have an old trampoline that is rusting in your backyard, or even a small exercise trampoline gathering dust in a closet, the only other things you need are pool noodles (or other protective material), high-tensile strength rope, cushions or pillows, and a sturdy place to hang the swing bed.

Here are the steps to a DIY trampoline swing bed:

  1. Take the legs off your recycled trampoline.
  2. Cover the metal frame with a pool noodle that's been split down the middle or wrap the trampoline frame ring with foam padding or other protective material.
  3. Wrap strong ropes (high-tensile strength) around the frame. If you're using a large trampoline, run the ropes underneath the trampoline material as well to take care of any sagging material. Where there was a leg, that's where the rope goes up to hang the swing. Leave an opening on one side.
  4. Hang the swing from a secure location in an outdoor area, like a tree or pergola, or from a sturdy place inside.
  5. Add cushions, pillows, and pretty fabric to decorate your new DIY trampoline swing bed.

Keep it simple.

A panoramic view is even better when you're relaxing in a comfy swing.

Make a plain room clean and stylish.

A DIY trampoline swing bed works inside, too, adding a clean, crisp way style to any room.

Create a luxury reading nook or unique bedroom.

A trampoline bed swing makes a cool kids bed or a place to lounge with a good book.

Create a Hideaway with Gauzy Drapes

DIY trampoline swing bed

Decorate your DIY trampoline swing bed with hanging curtains or netting and add pillows. Go colorful and bold, or clean and simple.

Light it Up


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Wrap fairy lights or Christmas lights around the ropes for a sparkly outdoor feature.

Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel has a great video with more details on how to create a DIY trampoline swing chair; watch the video here and then get your swing on!

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