13 Dishes You'll See on Every Texan's Thanksgiving Table


The Texas Thanksgiving Day table is filled with an eclectic ethnic variety of delectable dishes. Flavors of traditional Mexican, German, and regional dishes make a Texan's Thanksgiving Day table a melting pot of treasured dishes.

Here are some dishes that never fail to grace the table of every Texan on Thanksgiving Day.

1. Tamales

Tamales are a staple at every celebratory table in Texas. The most traditional flavor is pork, but these flavor-packed pouches come in a variety of flavors ranging from cheese to sweet raisin.

Whether it's through a friend's abuela, your own family, or the neighbor across the street, every Texas has at least one tamale hookup.


2. Pecan Pie

The pecan is the state nut of Texas, so it is not surprising that Texans always have pecan pie on their Thanksgiving tables.

The corn syrup-y sweetness of classic pecan pies goes great with the state's favorite vanilla ice cream, Blue Bell.

3. Sweet Tea

Known as "the house wine of the South," you can walk into any Texas home and get a tall glass of this auburn nectar.

Sweet tea always makes it to a Texas Thanksgiving. Like turkey, it's a requirement.


4. Fried Turkey

Crispy skin, juicy on the inside, and it takes under an hour to cook, in any Texan's opinion, fried turkey is the best way to have turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

Spicy and packed with classic Creole flavors, Cajun fried turkey is my personal favorite, but this main dish can be flavored however you desire.

5. Sausage

Smoked pork sausage can be found at any Texas Thanksgiving. It can be served sliced up as an appetizer to nosh on or as one of the main dishes with a side of sauerkraut.

6. Honey Baked Ham

The Honey Baked Ham Company originated in Detroit, but Texans cannot have a Thanksgiving without this sweet and smoky, porky goodness.


I've been known to eat it straight out of my to-go container on the drive home.

7. Cornbread Dressing

Cornbread dressing can be made with jalapeño cornbread, it can include smoked pork sausage and sage, I've even had one that had chopped jalapeños, pecans, and brisket baked in.

However it's made, cornbread dressing is a Texas Thanksgiving Day staple.

8. Queso

Thanksgiving combines Texans' love of football and good food. Texans own a slow cooker so they can make queso on Thanksgiving, and a few other barbecue dishes throughout the year. But mainly queso.


It's the perfect cheesy accompaniment to tortilla chips and touchdowns.

9. Charro Beans

Charro beans simmering on the stovetop are served all day on Thanksgiving in Texas.

They can be enjoyed with tortillas while watching the big game or poured over cornbread dressing during dinner.

10. Biscuits

Forgoing the usual dinner rolls, Texans like to keep to their Southern roots and sop up their gravy goodness with homemade biscuits.


If there are any leftover biscuits, they usually turn into biscuits and gravy the morning after.

11. Broccoli Cheese Casserole

This casserole has been one of my favorite foods since I was two. Every Texan has their own tried and true recipe, and they are all delicious.

Creamy cheese, healthy broccoli, fluffy rice, it just wouldn't be a Thanksgiving in Texas without it.

12. Giblet Gravy

Texas culture centers around the concept of using every part of the animal, so on Thanksgiving, Texans make giblet gravy.


Giblets add a lot of meaty flavor and great texture to turkey gravy.

13. Bacon Green Beans

Texans just call this dish "green beans," because it is the default way to eat green beans in the state of Texas.

In my opinion, it is the best way to eat green beans. Lush bacon and stewed onions are the main flavor compounds in this classic side dish.

Editors Note: This article was originally published on November 7, 2018.


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