Did You Know Krispy Kreme Has a Sinfully Sweet Candle Line?

If only every morning started with a doughnut. Just picture it: your alarm isn't a silly sound anymore, it's a warm Original Glazed doughnut waved in front of you, the smell waking you up peacefully for the long day ahead. While a sugary treat isn't the most nutritional way to begin every day, Krispy Kreme has a solution. In fact, they have quite a few. The donut chain has a series of doughnut scented candles that can satisfy your cravings any time you put a match to the wick.

The best buy for these Krispy Kreme Doughnuts candles is this tidy 4-pack that features the iconic flavors. For only $15.08, you'll receive an Original Glazed candle, a Maple Iced Glazed candle, a Raspberry Filled candle, and a Dulce de Leche candle. While you can buy each candle separately, this multipack is perfect for distributing among your loved ones for a small gift here and there.


Maybe you love the fruity scent of Raspberry Filled, but can't stand the sweet scent of the Dulce de Leche. I bet you have a friend who would love the caramel scent wafting through their living room. The jar candle design is quaint and simple, and would work well as candle holders for tea lights when the Kripsy Kreme scented candle burns away.

If you're in the United Kingdom, you have the choice of three different scents. There, you can find a Cinnamon Apple Filled candle, a Powdered Blueberry candle, and an Original Glazed. Perhaps the scents are based on the most popular doughnut flavors? It would make sense since the Original Glazed scented candle is available on both sides of the pond, so to speak.

There are few things better than doughnuts, and the Krispy Kreme original candles just might take the cake when it comes to originality and flair. Now if only we could find a pumpkin spice variety to really complete the autumn vibe.

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