Starbucks Evenings Program to End Unexpectedly at 400 Locations

Were you part of the few who enjoyed beer and wine during the Starbucks Evenings program? Unfortunately, the program is ending Jan. 10, reported the Chicago Tribune. More than 400 locations around the country will call it quits on the program.

First tested in Seattle near the company's headquarters in 2010, the Starbucks Evenings program was created to drive business to the coffee giant beyond the morning caffeine rush. It then expanded to include 439 company-owned stores across the country.

While the Evenings program has come to an end, never fear - Starbucks plans to incorporate alcohol in its upscale Starbucks Roasteries and Starbucks Reserve cafes, opening around the country, which will serve a full line of house-made pastries and baked goods, premium coffees and more.

Some Reserve locations will even feature a full bar, so it seems fitting that Evenings participators will enjoy the new upscale locations.

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