$21 'Devil-ed' Egg Tray Is a Fun (and Convenient) Way to Serve Your Favorite Appetizer

One of my favorite parts about potlucks and get-togethers is the appetizers. Some enjoy the sweets such as cupcakes and cookies, but I personally enjoy finger foods, especially delicious deviled eggs. If you are a fan of deviled eggs like me, then the first thing you do at a party is scan the serving platters to see if anyone brought deviled eggs. Normally, I use tin foil to cover deviled eggs, but that can ruin the appearance. Deviled egg trays help transport your appetizers and keep them secured.

The only thing better than eating deviled eggs is making them at home and watching everyone gobble them up. Deviled egg platters are a convenient way to store and present them. Don't ruin your deviled egg's appearance with tin foil or tight plastic wrap. Check out these deviled egg trays from Amazon below!

Deviled Egg Trays

Best for 60 Eggs

1. 77L Egg Container, (Set of 2) Refrigerator Deviled Egg Tray Carrier with Lid for 60 Eggs - Plastic Fridge Stackable Portable Devil Egg Holder Dispenser for Protect and Keep Fresh

Refrigerator Deviled Egg Tray

If friends and family are constantly asking you to bring your famous deviled eggs to every occasion, you need this deviled egg serving tray. This serving tray is designed to serve a large crowd of 60 and helps to transport your eggs easily. Your eggs stay fresh and avoid being crushed.

Best for 24 Eggs

2. SnapLock by Progressive Collapsible Egg Carrier, One Size, White

Collapsible Egg Carrier

This clear plastic egg carrier is ideal for storing and carrying your deviled eggs. This best-seller holds up to 24 eggs and includes two trays that each hold 12 eggs. You can even use this for Easter eggs or boiled eggs. After the party is over, you can pop this dishwasher-safe food storage container in the dishwasher for easy clean-up!

Best Under $10

3. Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Tray, 1.875x10.875x10.875, Clear

Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Tray

Make carrying your deviled eggs easier with this deviled egg tray. The snap-on lid makes portability simple! Go to any baby shower, potluck, or BBQ in confidence, knowing your eggs are safe and secured. You can store up to 36 deviled egg halves.

Best for Buffet Tables & Easter

4. Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics Egg Tray / Egg Holder Serveware, Round - 12 Cup, Light Blue

Rachael Ray Solid Glaze Ceramics Egg Tray

Add a splash of color to your kitchen & dining dinnerware. Your guests will be excited when they see this beautiful deviled egg plate on the kitchen countertop. This serving dish is made from ceramic, so it is built to last for a long time. You can store up to 12 eggs, and it is safe to use for the oven and microwave.

Best for Laughs (and Halloween)

5. Deviled Egg Tray - Egg Serving Tray With Devil Horns And Tail Durable ABS Plastic - Unique Kitchen Serving Tray Holds 24 Eggs

Deviled Egg Tray - Egg Serving Tray With Devil Horns

This devil-ed egg is a fun way to serve your deviled eggs at any fiesta. Not only will your guests enjoy your appetizer, but they will also get a kick out of this deviled egg dish. This deviled egg holder holds up to 24 eggs. This also makes a great gift for anyone who is always cooking.

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